Inspirational Days & Master Thesis Awards

Inspirational Days & Master Thesis Award

Since the AI Lab opened in 2017, we have organized several Inspirational Days. These are dissemination events that intend to connect people affiliated with the Norwegian Open AI Lab, with a goal of increasing knowledge and competence. The events consist of lectures and project presentations, aimed at informing companies and organizations about the potential benefits of applying AI in their operations.

The Inspirational Day takes place two times a year; during the spring and fall semester. Both versions of the Inspirational day have a master thesis focus: In spring, companies and organizations can pitch potential master theses topics for cooperation with students. In fall, we organize an award ceremony for the best AI thesis. 

These events provide an arena for connecting with researchers, students and practioners, and exchanging experiences and ideas regarding the many potential applications of AI. 

Previous Events

Previous events

Inspirational Day Spring 2019

Inspirational Day Spring 2019

The Inspirational Day spring 2019 took place March 22 at NTNU in Trondheim. The full-day event brought several interesting lectures to the audience, on topics such as AI in healthcare, AI as business and how to build an AI department in a larger company. 

At the end of the day there was also a master thesis pitching event, where representatives from companies and organizations met with master students who were looking had the opportunity to pitch their ideas for master theses to be carried out in collaboration with AI master students. 


Master Thesis Award 2018

Inspirational Day and Master Thesis Award 2018

The Inspirational Day fall 2018, took place November 15 had two parts; the first part included presentations about AI research and on how to apply AI in industry and business. The second part was the Master Thesis Award, awarding the best AI master theses written at NTNU that year. 

The event also provided great networking opportunities between students, researchers and others interested in AI. 

Pre Event

Inspirational Day Spring 2019 Pre Event

In the evening of March 21, we organized a pre event where a few graduate students presented their master thesis work. The presentations had different topics, focusing on both theoretical and applied AI. All students did an impressive job and were able to engage the audience into lively discussions. 

After the presentations, the discussions continued during a networking dinner, where researchers, participants from different companies and organizations, and the students were able to get to know each other.

Master Thesis Award 2018

Winners of the Master Thesis Award 2018

The winner of best master thesis in the category application, was Andreas Bell Martinsen, with the thesis End-to-end training for path following and control of marine vehicles, supervised by Anastasios Lekkas.

The winners of best thesis in the category theoretical, were Are Haartveit and Harald Musum. Their thesis Learning event-driven time series with phased recurrent neural networks was supervised by Keith Downing.