WP1: Transducer and electronics

WP1: Transducer and electronics

This work package covers joint research for design, fabrication, characterisation and modelling of 1D and 2D transducer arrays, integration of high-density arrays with electronics, ultrasound transducers for high pressure and high temperature environments, and multi-frequency band transducers.

Main research topics:

WP1-1: Acoustic source characterisation and optimisation

Common methods will be developed for characterising and optimising transducer stack and array designs, from small-scale material properties to major acoustic parameters such as sensitivity, efficiency and power dissipation. These tasks involve the use of advanced finite element method simulations and water tank measurement setups for verification. An overall aim will be to optimise transducer array designs in terms of minimising lateral and shear modes, acoustic cross talk, and element variation in the transducer array.

WP1-2: Integrated high-performance transducer array electronics

Development of integrated solutions for transducer and front-end electronics, which includes addressing challenges related to high-voltage electronics in the transmit chain, and the spatial and thermal footprints of the required electronic components. Tasks include the development of low-noise preamplifiers and efficient analogue-to-digital converters, new transmitter designs with significantly reduced area and improved efficiency, and 3D stacking of electronics and transducer based on novel interconnect and lamination techniques.

WP1-3: Embedded ultrasonic sensors

Applications, methods and initial prototypes will be developed for embedded ultrasonic sensors to be used in maritime, oil & gas installations, with special focus on subsea installations. Tasks include identification of potential applications in collaboration with user partners, specification and prototyping of transducer and electronics design, and initial feasibility testing. An important focus is development of new transducer and electronics enduring high temperature and pressure.

WP1-4: Dedicated high-frequency and multi-bandwidth transducers

Development of new transducer designs that work with higher bandwidths, and/or at high frequencies and/or have several distinct frequency bands. Solutions will be based on either transducer stack designs with several piezoelectric layers, or micromachined solutions such as cMUT or pMUT technology. Research tasks include specification, modelling and simulation of novel transducer stack structures, and realisation and characterisation through prototyping.

07 Aug 2017



Lars HoffHead of WP1: Transducer and electronics