WP5: Multimodality and interventional imaging

WP5: Multimodality and interventional imaging

This work package covers development and application of multimodal and interventional imaging. Multimodal imaging combines the strengths of different modalities such as ultrasound, MRI, CT, and PET for diagnosis and follow-up, as well as for guidance during surgery, targeted drug-delivery and other therapeutic procedures. St. Olavs hospital has recently installed a unique PET-MR system where the PET and MR images can be a simultaneously. This combination will be exploited to provide new possibilities for more efficient diagnosis in cancer-, cardiovascular- and neuroimaging.

Main research topics:

WP5-1: Multimodal imaging and 3D volume registration in cardiology

In this project we will develop and investigate methods for multimodal imaging in cardiology and associated interventions such as transcatheter aortic valve implantation, mitral clipping, and left atrial appendage closure. We will focus on utilising the strengths of the different modalities for imaging, flow quantification, and efficient workflow. An important application is 3D coronary angiography with anatomical information from CT or ultrasound, and functional information such as strain and coronary flow reserve measurements from ultrasound, MR late-enhancement imaging, or PET.

WP5-2: Multimodal imaging for image guided surgery

Fusing preoperative MR, PET and/or CT images with intraoperative ultrasound imaging is an area of active research for several partners. This project aims to develop improved methods and establish new applications of intraoperative ultrasound, where important aims include improved methods for co-registration of images and improved workflow during procedures. Examples of applications include neurosurgery and thoracic surgery.

WP5-3: Multimodal US and PET-MR for improved diagnosis in brain and heart disease

The unique combination of ultrasound and PET-MR system will be explored for applications in brain and heart disease. Aims include investigating the added value of ultrasound and PET-MR in diagnosis of inflammation of the heart, and related to selection for surgical treatment through new diagnostic criteria such as cerebral blood flow and inflammation, and embolus risk quantification in carotid stenosis. Finally, evaluation of vascular graft infections with PET-MR compared to ultrasound images obtained intravascular and non-invasively.

WP5-4: Ultrasound imaging and manipulation in targeted drug delivery

This project aims to deliver ultrasound imaging technology for targeted drug delivery (TDD). Initial trials will include preclinical studies using novel contrast agents and nanoparticles for TDD and for transient blood-brain-barrier (BBB) opening based on ultrasound manipulation. This research is from the CIUS start a preclinical activity, but it is a goal during the CIUS lifetime to obtain in vivo proof-of-principle in selected patient groups.

07 Aug 2017



Asta HåbergHead of WP5: Multimodality and interventional imaging