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Penrose tiling. Figure.

The research activities of the Analysis group are divided into several focus areas:

Complex and Harmonic Analysis

Complex analysis is a powerful tool in engineering, for example in hydrodynamics, signal analysis and control theory, and theoretical physics. These applications again lead to exciting new problems in complex analysis.

Harmonic Analysis develops a signal into a collection of pure waves (harmonics), and then use this development to analyze the signal, including its compression and transmission.

Noncommutative Geometry

Noncommutative geometry extends the natural correspondence between geometric spaces and commutative algebras to the noncommutative case. This allows us to extend the classical tools—such as measure theory, topology, differential calculus and Riemannian geometry—to the noncommutative situation.


Kristian SeipProfessor Kristian Seip
Head of the Analysis Group



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