Completed projects (analysis)

Completed projects

EU projects

Harmonic and Complex Analysis and Its Applications (2007-2011)

The main idea of this network is to establish a fruitful cooperation between two scientific communities: analysts with a broad background in Complex and Harmonic Analysis, and Mathematical Physics, and specialists in Physics and Applied Sciences.

Quantum Spaces - Noncommutative Geometry (2004-2006)


Research Council of Norway

Combinatorial Methods in Analysis (2018-2022)
Jointly financed by NTNU and the Research Council of Norway through FRIPRO/Toppforsk.
Complex Analysis and Dynamics (2014-2018)
Dirichlet Series and Analysis on Polydiscs (DISPDISC) (2013‑2018)
Discrete Models in Mathematical Analysis (DiMMA) (2012‑2016)
Operator algebras (2005-2007)

Joint project with the University of Oslo financed by the Research Council of Norway.

PDE and Harmonic Analysis (2004-2007)

Project financed by the Research Council of Norway.

NordForsk projects

Operator Algebra and Dynamics (2009-2012)

The analysis group is coordinator for this NordForsk research network where the other participants are the universities of Copenhagen, Faroe Islands, Southern Denmark, Aarhus, Oslo, Lund, and Gothenburg. Most of the funding is earmarked for supporting research visits between the participating groups, especially for young people.

Analysis and Applications (2009-2011)

The purpose of the network is to promote mobility and cooperation between analysts in the Nordic countries. About 2/3 of the funding is for workshops, seminars and similar events, the rest is for mobility scholarships.

Other projects

Quantum Metric and Semiclassical Aspects of Time-Frequency Analysis
Peder Sather Grant 2015

Project leaders: Franz Luef, Maciej Zworski
Team members: Yura Lyubarskii, Eugenia Malinnikova, Marc A. Rieffel, Isaac A. Romero

Operator Algebras (2009-2012)

This is a joint project with participants from NTNU, Oslo University College and the University of Oslo. One Ph.D. student and one post.doc. at NTNU are financed by this. The project aims to strengthen the collaboration between operator algebraist in Norway and attract new people to the field.

NILS (2010-2011)

This project is acooperation project between Norway, Iceland, Luxemburg, and Spain. The purpose of this project is to establish scientific exchange in area of spaces of analytic functions and their applications to Schrödinger equation and Sturm-Liouville operator.

Nonlinear Problems in Mathematical Analysis (2008-2011)

The project involves 2 PhD students, 2 postdoctoral fellows, and a number of guest researchers. The project aims to strengthen the research within classical analysis and differential equations at the department as well as to strengthen international collaboration.

DAAD (2007-2008)

Bilateral collaboration project with German academy.