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  1. Guruchethan, A.M., Maiya, M.P., Hafner, A., 2022. Effect of subcooling using expander-compressor unit in transcritical CO2 systems. 15th IIR-Gustav Lorentzen Conference on Natural Refrigerants (GL2022). Proceedings. Trondheim, Norway, June 13-15th 2022.
  2. Singh, S., Selvnes, H., Pardiñas, A., Reddy, S., Gupta, P., Vaishak S, Arun B.S, Widell, K., Elarga, H., Hafner, A., 2022 “Advanced R744 solution for supermarkets, hotel chillers and maritime applications in India” 14th Gustav Lorentzen Natural Working Refrigerants, Trondheim, Norway, June 13-15th 2022.
  3. Laguri, V., Kumar, K., Kumar, P., Kamath, R., P., Venkateswaran, M.,B., Lokanadham, N., K.,  Hafner, A., “Performance Analysis of CO2/Natural Refrigerants for Cascade Refrigeration System” Sixth International Conference on Polygeneration-ICP 2021 held on 5-6 October 2021.



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