Contact person:  Shikha Bhasin
Postal address:
Sanskrit Bhawan, A-10,
Qutab Institutional Area,
Arun Asif Ali Marg,
New Delhi- 110067
Telephone no. : +91 11 40733300

Type of Organisation: Non-government

CEEW is an India-based, globally engaged policy research organization. The team at NTNU had a good experience and cooperation during INDEE project. CEEW organised workshops and helped in national networking.  CEEW will be a central partner within INDEE+ to communicate the results and suggestions of the project towards Indian governmental organisations and departments. 



Contact person: Dr. M.P.Maiya

Postal address: 
Indian Institute Of Technology,
Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600036
Telephone no.:  +91 9444079546


Type of Organisation: Government

IIT Madras is the host of the INDEE CO2 test facility which will be applied in the training sessions of INDEE+. The team of IIT Madras has a wide network within the Indian refrigeration sector and is one of the major educational hubs for refrigeration technology  in India.


Contact person: Dr. Pramod Kumar

Postal address: 
CV Raman Rd, Bangalore,
Telephone no.: +91 80 22933526

Type of Organisation: Government

IISc has a strong scientific team developing relevant CO2 technology. The location in Bengaluru is of advantage with respect to the dedicated demo site (Supermarket). The team of IISc has actively contribute to workshops of INDEE in the past.


Contact person: Dr. Ravishankar C.N

Postal address: 
Junction, Willingdon Island
Matsyapuri P.O., Cochin-682 029,
Telephone no.: (+91) 9446474368
Email address:

Type of Organisation: Government

SINTEF Ocean has been in contact with Dr. Ravishankar for several years and visited CIFT during a workshop in December 2019. The institute conducts research and development within many fields for the fishing and aquaculture sector. They cooperate closely with Kochi University and many industrial companies relevant for INDEE+ (able to implement CO2 refrigeration technology).


Contact person: Dr. Souvik Bhattacharyya
Postal address:
Vidya Vihar, Pilani
Telephone no.: +91 (1596) 242090

Type of Organisation: Non-government

BITS Pilani is India's highest ranked non-governmental university. They are participating in two projects that are coordinated by SINTEF Ocean which has included several workshops/symposiums and joint PhD students and publications. They work within the field of refrigeration and fish processing industry and will be a central partner to disseminate the result from the different demonstration sites.


Contact person: Torgrim Asphjell
Postal address:
P.B. 8013 Dep, 0030 Oslo
Telephone no.: +47 73 58 05 00

Type of Organisation: Government, Norwegian, org. no.: 972417882 

NEA’s central tasks and responsibility is to manage Norwegian nature and preventing pollution. The experience will be applied to support effort towards a sustainable refrigeration technology development and implementation in India.   


Contact person: Dr. Krzysztof Banasiak
Postal address: 
Telephone no.: +47 930 05 917  

Type of Organisation: Multilateral, Norwegian, org. no.: 939350675  

SINTEF is the research partner for NTNU since established in the 1950s. Located in the same buildings, close cooperation and development is possible and performed.

Contact person: Dr. Kristina N. Widell
Postal address:
Postboks 4762 Torgard
N-7465 Trondheim
Telephone no.: +47 918 93 026

Type of Organisation: SINTEF is one of Europe's largest research organisations. It consists of seven institutes, where SINTEF Ocean is one. Our work is mainly within marine and maritime research topics.