INDEE+ Demosites

INDEE+ Demosites

INDEE+ team and their industrial partners are working towards implementing demonstration sites (demosites) of CO2 refrigeration-heat pump technology in India at various locations. The demosites are developed at the production site of some process industries and hot water generation, like seafood processing units, hotels, dairy production units, etc., where the new installation (new unit or refurbishment of existing unit where harmful refrigerant will be replaced by natural refrigerants, particularly CO2) is being considered.

NTNU will coordinate and support with technical assistance during each step of the demosite establishment, including design, installation, commissioning, etc. Partner Institute in India such as IIT Madras, IISc Bangalore, BITS Pilani and CIFT Kochi will also engage in the design, implementation system, and collecting of raw field experimental data from the CO2 system, involving both vendor and owner of the demosite.

The performance parameters of the refrigeration and heat pump collected as raw data will be used for validating the simulation models and further use the same for scientific publication and knowledge dissemination activities via offline and online modes. 


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