Table of contents

  What to learn  Extras Grammar Pronunciation

1 Going to Narvik

Anton reiser med tog
Boyana reiser med fly
Catalina reiser med båt
Dai Wu reiser med tog
Introducing oneself
Simple statements and questions
Simple negative statements
Personal pronouns
Present tense of the verb
Word order
The alphabet
Norwegian and English letters compared

2 Arrival in Narvik

Hybelhuset i Fjellveien
Flybussen til Narvik
Catalina møter Cecilie
Skistua studentby
Asking for help
Asking for directions
The days
The time
Personal pronouns - object form
Auxiliary verbs + infinitive
Nouns - indefinite and definite form singular and plural
Norwegian and English vowels compared

3 Settling in at the student housing area

På studentsamskipnaden
Boyanas hybel
Catalina møter Boyana
Frokost med Anbo
Rooms and furniture
Reflexive pronouns

4 Everyday life

På Narvik storsenter
Nye klær
På Amfisenteret
På politistasjonen
Going to the shopping centre
Going to the police station
Food and drink
Demonstrative pronouns
Adjectives - other patterns
Silent letters

5 In town

En gammel mann
På bytur
En e-post hjem
Talking about the past
A little bit about Narvik
Past tense of the verb
Adjectives in -el, -en

6 At the university college

På HiN
En ettermiddag på hybelen
På treningssenteret
På norskkurs
Going to HiN
Going to a Norwegian class
Handy vocabulary for students
Present perfect tense of the verb
Word order: subordinate clauses
Long or short vowels
Word tones

7 Family & Spare time

Talking about family relations
Talking about spare time
Time expressions
Possessive pronouns
Som (who/which)
Retroflex sounds

8 Going on a trip & Being ill

På tur
Dai Wu er syk
Talking about the weather
Months and seasons
Describing pain and discomfort
Sin - reflexive possessive pronoun
Comparison of adjectives
Prepositions in time expressions

9 In the office & At a conference

På kontoret
På konferanse
Handy vocabulary when working at the university college
Writing an e-mail
Going to a conference
Word order in main clauses and subordinate clauses
Short answers
Connected speech

10 A trip to Oslo & Christmas in Norway

En tur til Oslo
Jul i Norge
Regions in Norway
A little bit about Oslo
Celebrating a Norwegian Christmas
- adverb, conjunction and verb
Prepositions in connection with place
Speech rhythm
Unstressed syllables
Rhythm unit: The foot
Initial unstressed syllables
One last hint