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Planning Instruments for Smart Energy Communities PI-SEC 2016 -2019

Planning Instruments for Smart Energy Communities PI-SEC 2016 -2019

The PI-SEC project 

will deliver efficient planning instruments for integrated energy design at the neighbourhood scale, qualified forNorwegian planning context in cooperation with public stakeholders. The project will provide increased knowledge about what parameters are essential for moving towards smart and sustainable energy use in Norwegian cities and how these can be linked to the planning, operation and monitoring of new or renewed neighbourhoods.





Gjennom PI-SEC scenariokalkulator kan man definere et sett med indikatorer og mål, og utforske ulike strategier for å nå målet. Verktøyet skal altså først og fremst hjelpe kommuner med planleggingsprosesser for energismarte områder. Last ned både manual og kalkulator via linkene:

PI-SEC Scenario Kalkulator Manual (PDF)
PI-SEC Scenario Kalkulator (XL)


Scenario Calculator

The PI-SEC Scenario calculator is first of all an Excel based tool as an aid in the vital planning and desition phase. Please download the Manual and Calculator through the following links.

PI-SEC Scenario Calculator Manual (PDF)
PI-SEC Scenario Calculator (XL)

PI-SEC Report 2.4 (PDF)
PI-SEC Report 2.3 (PDF)











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