Completed Projects, Programmes and Networks

Completed Projects, Programmes and Networks

Selection of previous projects, programmes and networks we have been involved in. You can read more about our current projects.



Duration: 2018-2018
Funded by: LoCaL - Climate KIC (pathfinder project)

Improving City-Scale Low-Carbon Investment Decision-Making. Final Report available.

City Finance Lab

City Finance Lab

Duration: 2018-2018
Funded by: LoCaL - Climate KIC

Technical advice and assessment towards low-carbon sustainable city solutions.

Energy Efficiency For EU Historic Districts Sustainability EFFESUS

Energy Efficiency for EU Historic Districts Sustainability (EFFESUS)

Duration: 2012-2016
Funded by: EU FP7

Investigating the energy efficiency of European historic urban districts and develops technologies and systems for its improvement.

Projects Brev RCN

Bringing environmental knowledge into action: Environmental knowledge management in Norwegian local governments (BREV)

Duration: 2014-2017
Funded by: NFR

Studying environmental knowledge management in Norwegian municipalities.


Smart Cities (CIB Task Group 88)

Smart Cities (CIB Task Group 88)                   

Duration: 2013-2019

The objectives are to analyse state-of-development on Smart City solutions; and ultimately to present how these can be scaled and replicated elsewhere.


Brøset - Towards a Carbon Neutral Housing Settlement (RCN)

Duration: 2018-2018
Funded by: LoCaL - Climate KIC

Vision of a carbon neutral neighbourhood in Trondheim combining renewable energy with a social and sustainable living environment. 



Compiling and Refining Environmental and Economic Accounts (CREEA FP7) 

Duration: 2011-2014
Funded by: EU FP7

The main goal of the project was to refine and elaborate economic and environmental accounting principles as discussed in the London Group. 

Integrated Assessment of Cities COST Action TU0902

Integrated Assessment of Cities (COST Action TU0902)

The Action is building a new European coalition of researchers equipped to address the intricate challenge of integrated assessment in cities.

Projects Solar Energy in Urban Planning

Solar Energy in Urban Planning (IEA SHC Task 51)

Duration: 2013-2017
Funded by: Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Denmark, Canada and Norway.

Supporting urban decision makers to integrate solar energy solutions in urban planning and design, and increase the amount of renewable energy supply in cities.

Projects COSSMIC

Collaborating Smart Solar-Powered Microgrids (CoSSMic) 

Funded by: EU FP7

Consortium is currently researching the coupling of solar panels with smart energy sharing solutions and storage capabilities for a sustainable future. 


Carbon Track and Trace (CTT)

Duration: 2015-2016
Funded by: LoCaL - Climate KIC

A city-wide sensor network gives real-time measurements of greenhouse gases and other important parameters.

Smart Energy Regions COST Action TU1104

Smart Energy Regions (COST Action TU1104)

Duration: 2012-2016
Funded by: EU FP7

The Action aimed to investigate drivers and barriers that may impact on the large scale implementation of low carbon technologies in the built environment. 

Projects RAMSES

Reconciling Climate Change Adaptation, Mitigation and Sustainable Development in Cities (RAMSES)

Duration: 2012-2017
Funded by: EU FP7

Providing evidence base that leads to reduced climate adaptation costs as well as better understanding and acceptance of adaptation measures in cities.

Projects ZEB

The Research Centre on Zero Emission Buildings (ZEB)

Duration: 2009-2017
Funded by: Research Council of Norway.

The vision of the research centre is to eliminate the greenhouse gas emissions caused by buildings. 


Planning Instruments for Smart Energy Communities (PI-SEC)

Duration: 2016-2019
Funded by: RCN

The project is delivering efficient planning instruments for integrated energy design at the neighbourhood scale.