Nordic Probabilistic AI School

Probabilistic AI School 2020

Probabilistic AI School 2020

Update: Due to the spread of Covid-19, we have decided to cancel ProbAI 2020. We're very sorry about this, but we hope to see you in 2021. 

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2019 Version

Previous edition: Probabilistic AI School 2019

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ProbAI Summer School 2019

The Nordic Probabilistic AI School (ProbAI) was organised June 3-7. The school offered state-of-the-art expertise in machine learning and artificial intelligence to the public, students, academia and industry.

The objective was to bring an intermediate to advanced level summer school with a particular focus on probabilistic models and deep generative models, covering the topics of latent variable models, inference with sampling and variational approximations, and probabilistic programming and tools.

The team of invited lecturers covered a carefully designed curriculum. Through tight cooperation between our lecturers, and through the combination of theoretical lectures and hands-on tutorials, the school provided high quality, continuous and consistent knowledge transfer.

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About the ProbAI 2019


The first edition of the AI summer school was a huge succes, gathering more than 150 participants from all over the world. In addition to an interesting and challenging academic program, the participants attended various social events, making it a great place to network and meet new people. 

We are excited about repeating the summer school next year. If you are interested in joining, helping out or have ideas to how the next edition of the AI summer school should be, please feel free to contact the organizing team: 

Heri RamampiaroHelge Langseth

Eliezer de Souza da SilvaTárik S. Salem.