Open AI Seminars

Open AI Seminars

Open ai seminars


Open AI Seminars

The seminars are open to everyone with an interest in AI and autonomous systems. It is recommended to have some prior knowledge on AI.

Time & place: 

  • Fridays 13:00-14:00 
  • Room 454@ IT-bygget, NTNU Gløshaugen Currently all seminars take place online.

The Open AI Seminars cover a wide range of topics within artificial intelligence, machine learning and autonomous systems. NTNU researchers, NAIL partners, and invited speakers, will present their work and trigger discussions.

The objectives of these seminars are to bring together the research and innovation community at NTNU and beyond, who aims to apply AI in multidisciplinary research and industry, and spread creative ideas in order to challenge the entrenched notions of artificial intelligence. 

Webinars autumn 2020:

During autumn 2020 all seminars will be online. 

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Anders Løland

Anders Løland September 18, 2020

Anders Løland from Norwegian Computing Center presented BigInsight - Norways first (?) AI Center. He talked about two cases: Credit Scoring using Deep Learning & Explaining predictions from black-box models using Shapley values. You can watch the presentation here.