Program Monday

Pre conference: Monday 8 May

Sightseeing opportunity 1: World Heritage Town Røros

Bus Tour to Unesco World Heritage Town Røros. Guided city walk, lunch and free time to explore.

Røros is a traditional mountain village in our region Trøndelag and is one of the oldest towns of wooden buildings in Europe.

  • English speaking guide
  • Includes lunch
  • Meeting point: TBA
  • Duration: 9,5hrs (arrival in Trondheim at 17:30 approx.)

You can book this tour in the conference registration form.

Read more about the Røros tour

PhD Workshop - Excel your academic writing skills

The PhD workshop is directed for all PhD candidates no matter what part of the journey they are on, but we also welcome early-stage researchers. The objectives of the workshop is to gain a reviewer's perspective of your work, information of what editors expect from your article submission and develop your network. The first part of the workshop will involve active participation from all participants. For this, participants will be expected to send a working article two weeks before the workshop. This can be an early draft or near completed draft article and preferably not the article that you may be presenting at the main conference. Participants will peer-review each other’s work as they will be allocated another participant's draft article for constructive feedback. The second part of the workshop will be more tips on how to get published and what journal editors expect from initial submission to final submission. We aim for the workshop to be enjoyable with engaging discussions about research. For more information, please contact Professor Carmel Lindkvist (

  • Target group: PhDs attending the conference (if we have available tickets, other PhD candidates are welcome to join)
  • Capacity: Max 25 participants 
  • Location: NTNU, Byggtekniske Laboratorier, Room: Landmålerhallen View map (if you struggle to find the place, please call PhD Bejtush Ademi +47 41314164)
Green 2050 Innovation workshop

–Challenge your innovative brain!

In today’s academic environment, having a good idea simply does not suffice – to go from an idea to an innovation demands getting people with resources involved. This demands the capability to assessing market value, commercial opportunities, scaling capabilities etc. – but not at least to identify your core selling points, preparing your presentation format and utilize appropriate presentation techniques.

The innovation workshop will address how to:

  • Convey understanding of need for value from research (Why innovation from research)
  • Develop basic understanding of innovation (The how of innovation from research: value perspective, process – with examples, including barriers and challenges)
  • Defining value potential of own research
  • Target group: PhD candidates attending the conference.
  • Capacity: Max 25 participants
  • Location: NTNU, ZEB Lab, 4th floor - the world’s most sustainable building.View map (if you struggle to find the place, please call PhD Bejtush Ademi +47 41314164)

This workshop ends at 16:00

Sightseeing opportunities 2 & 3

2: Trondheim by boat and by foot

Experience Trondheim from unique perspectives on a guided boat- and walking tour!

  • English speaking guide
  • Boat departure time: 15:00 (be sure to be there in good time.)
  • Duration: 2hrs
  • Meeting point: Ravnkloa (View conference map on Google)

You can book this tour in the conference registration form.

Read more about the Trondheim by boat and by foot tour

3: Trondheim city walk

An English speaking guide takes us on a walking tour through the sights of Trondheim.

  • Duration: 2hrs
  • Meeting point: TBA

Read more about the Trondheim city walk

End of Sightseeing in Trondheim
Welcome reception and organ recital

Welcome reception at Two Towers Café followed by Organ Recital in Nidaros Cathedral

We meet at Two Towers Café (To Tårn) for a great mingling opportunity including light tapas and bubbles. This café is one of the places in Trondheim where you also can purchase souvenirs. After mingling a little while, we continue with a concert in Nidaros cathedral (Nidarosdomen). This cathedral started its construction in year 1070 and completed around 1300. The concert, an Organ Recital, is a gift from Trondheim Municipality to the CIB W070 conference 2023 and represent the municipality’s way of welcoming you all to Trondheim. The 40 min concert starts at 19:30.

  • This event is included with the full conference fee.
  • Single day attendees must buy the optional "Welcome reception" ticket to attend this event.
End of reception and organ recital

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