Optimal hydro design in the future power system

The objective is to develop methods and models for calculation of future revenues for hydropower and to support decisions regarding optimal investments in upgrading and expansion projects.

The basic idea of the project is to build on existing models and knowledge and to use a modular approach that allows individual model development which is flexible with regard to changes of concepts or individual models.

We propose to use API interfaces and to program as much as possible in a high level programming language like Python. The project involves all relevant aspects of the three dimensional investment problem, type, size and timing. To begin with we propose that the PhD student focuses on the three dimensional investment problem and that SINTEF start to further develop the whole concept and focuses on calculation of operational revenues for given system.

Specifically, for 2017 we propose to implement and make a model that uses the standard SHOP model to solve the weekly scheduling problem in a serial simulation. Water values are given for each week by cuts from the ProdRisk model. In other words a ProdRisk type model with SHOP providing the final simulation results. The new model will most likely be implemented in Python and use existing SHOP and ProdRisk models with newly developed API interface. This new model is only the first small step to fulfil the ultimate goal of the project but still it will give useful results:

- It will show the concept, test and build competence on the building blocks

- It will give more realistic operation and simulated profit for some systems, i.e. an improvement to current methods

- Provide information about concept challenges, .e.g. computation time possible need for feedback to strategic level (ProdRisk).

Further development in this project will include development of existing standard models, further development of the Python simulator or development of new models. The concept will benefit from possible development in other research projects like the MultiSharm project and the IBM project, both focusing on balancing markets and possible consequences for short and long-term operation.

We plan to start the project with a concept specification activity. Fagutvalget will be in important part if this activity.


Birger Mo

Birger Mo

Senior Research Scientist

E-mail: Birger.Mo@sintef.no

Phone: 930 86 693



About the project

Full project title: Optimal hydro design in future power systems

Duration: 2017-2023


Assosiated projects: IBM - Integrated Balancing Markets in Hydropower Scheduling Methods (KPN project, 2014-2018)