Innovation activities

The innovation activities are focused on achieving research driven AI Innovation among the NorwAI partners in the following areas:

AI Innovation in Media and Finance – with a focus on:


  • User modeling and behavior prediction
  • Personalised and Contextualised content creation

These AI Innovation areas are linked to the Research areas of Language and Personalization.

AI Innovation in Energy, Maritime and Telecom with a focus on:


  • Predictive maintenance and operational availability
  • IoT sensor anomaly detection
  • Hybrid digital twins

These are linked to the Research areas of Data Platforms and Streaming Data, and Hybrid AI Analytics.

Cross domain AI Innovations on Explainable AI and Data Quality – with a focus on:


  • Explainability and verification
  • Data quality analysis and enhancement

These are linked to the Research areas of AI in Society,  Trustworthy AI and Data Platforms and Streaming Data.