Master theses

Master theses within the topic of the center:

Aas, S.; Trygstad, M. L.: Modular Actor-Critic System for Automated Security Trading. Master thesis, NTNU, Trondheim 2022.

Andersen, A. M.: Sequence Input Aggregation. Master thesis, NTNU, Trondheim 2022.

Bekkemoen, Y.: Correcting Classification: A Bayesian Framework Using Explanation Feedback to Improve Classification Abilities. Master thesis, NTNU, Trondheim 2021

Bhaiji, N. A.: Governing Speech in Digital Era: Norwegian Policy Responses to Disinformation and Digital Educational Tools for Increasing Critical Thinking Skills. Master thesis, UiO, Oslo 2022.

Bjøru, A. R.: The importance of disentanglement when learning representations. Master thesis, NTNU, Trondheim 2021

Bynke, M.: Multi-label image classification with language-image models: an approach for a fine-grained domain-specific dataset. Master thesis, NTNU, Trondheim 2022.

Caprioli, E.: Classification of Birdsong using semi-supervised deep learning. Master thesis, NTNU, Trondheim 2022.

Carlsen, T. R.; Kopperud, E.: Tempura: A GraphX extension for temporal graphs in Apache Spark. Master thesis, NTNU, Trondheim 2022.

Domben, I. S.: Detecting Influential Events. Master thesis, NTNU, Trondheim 2021

Falch, W. T. Measuring the Effect of Recommender Systems in Online Video Learning Platforms: A Case Study with Master thesis, NTNU, Trondheim 2022.
Flagstad, T. S., Iveland, T. T.: Transfer Learning for HVAC Control using Deep Reinforcement Learning. Master thesis, NTNU, Trondheim 2021
Fossnes, P.: Narrative Driven Recommendation. Master thesis, NTNU, Trondheim 2021

Fredheim, A., N.: Group Betweenness Centrality on Dynamic Graphs. Master thesis, NTNU, Trondheim 2022.

Fålun, E., Gjelstad L. K.: Explainable Neural News Recommender Systems. Master thesis, NTNU, Trondheim 2021

Gundersen, L. H., Kim, M. M., Strobel, E. K.: Analyzing and Predicting Performances and Playing Styles of Football Players. Master thesis, NTNU, Trondheim 2022

Hatlø, A., M.: Å lære No-Press Diplomacy fra Selvspill: Dyp Reinforcement Learning med Fokus på Samarbeid mellom Agenter. Master thesis, NTNU, Trondheim 2022

Haukeland, A. Aubert, S. A.: Graph Convolutional Networks for Predicting Cerebral Palsy in Infants. Master thesis, NTNU, Trondheim 2021

Hernandez, A. J. E.: Combining question answering models with transformer-based generative conversational agents. Master thesis, NTNU, Trondheim 2022

Holmsen, T. L.: Understanding Organizations’ Adoption of AI Technologies: Challenges, Opportunities and Impact. Master thesis, NTNU, Trondheim 2021

Høijord, E. H.: Explainable AI (XAI) for grid loss forecasting. Master thesis, NTNU, Trondheim 2022

Ingstad, M. S.: Fast generation of realistic SZ maps using machine learning methods. Master thesis, UiO, Oslo 2022

Johannessen, A.: Motion Classification with Neural Ordinary Differential Equations. Master thesis, NTNU, Trondheim 2022

Jørgensen, V. Sande, H. K.: Predictive Modeling Using Pseudo-Social Networks Derived from Transaction Data. Master thesis, NTNU, Trondheim 2022

Kanck, K.: TexTraClus: A Spatio-textual Sub-trajectory Clustering Framework. Master thesis, NTNU, Trondheim 2021
Killingberg, L.: Generative Adversarial Networks for Flexible Variational Posteriors in Bayesian Neural Networks. Master thesis, NTNU, Trondheim 2021

Kostric, I.: Soliciting User Preferences in Conversational Recommender Systems via Usage-related Questions. Master thesis, UiS, Stavanger 2021
Kvamme, J., Larsen P.-E.: Achieving Trustable Explanations Through Multi-Task Learning Neural Networks. Master thesis, NTNU, Trondheim 2021
Kaasbøll, M. A., Rahka E. N.: Exploring Exemplar Trajectory Query. Master thesis, NTNU, Trondheim 2021

Langseth, A. W.: Use of Spatial Information in News Recommenders. Master thesis, NTNU, Trondheim 2022

Liadal, O.: Explainable Research Paper Recommendation Using Scientific Knowledge Graphs. Master thesis, NTNU, Trondheim 2021

Løtuft, S. A.: Water management. Master thesis, NTNU, Trondheim 2022

Merola, M. A.: Artificial Intelligence for assessing road usage e-scooters. Master thesis, NTNU, Trondheim 2022

Moan, M. A.: Noise in the sea: the quest to detect and classify animal and man-made sounds. Master thesis, NTNU, Trondheim 2022

Nilsen, D., Simmersholm, A.. Leveraging Natural Language Processing in Data Synthesis for use in Entity Matching. Master thesis, NTNU, Trondheim 2022

Nygard, M. B. L., Samuelsen, Ø.,: Active Learning with Transformer Pre-trained Language Models for Entity Matching. Master thesis, NTNU, Trondheim 2021

Ohr, V.: NASH: Range Search over Temporal, Numerical, and Geographical Annotated Documents. Master thesis, NTNU, Trondheim 2022

Pram, C. S.: Web-based dashboard for physiotherapy recommendations. Master thesis, NTNU, Trondheim 2022

Sivertsvik, M.: Deep Learning for Robotic Manipulation of Soft Objects. Master thesis, NTNU, Trondheim 2022

Skauge, S. N.: Vigorous Activity Detection in Human Activity Recognition. Master thesis, NTNU, Trondheim 2021

Skjelvik, T. C. D.: Artificial intelligence with artificial futures. A case study of Norwegian tech-firms and the developmental trajectory of a novel technology. Master thesis, UiO, Oslo 2022

Smith, P.: Systems for Efficient Storage and Retrieval of Dynamic Networks. Master thesis, NTNU, Trondheim 2022
Sollid, I. S., Stang, H. J.: A Hybrid Multi-document Summarization System for Biomedical Articles. Master thesis, NTNU, Trondheim 2021

Stensaker, M. T.: Political Categorization of Norwegian Text. Master thesis, NTNU, Trondheim 2022
Syverinsen, H. H.: Supervised Pre-training for Dialogue Act Classification in Task-oriented Dialogue. Master thesis, NTNU, Trondheim 2021
Tokstad, T.: Pre-trained transformers with transfer learning and handcrafted-features for entity matching. Master thesis, NTNU, Trondheim 2021

Ulve, H. S.; Yu, J. J.: Utilizing Fine-Grained Transaction Data for Predicting the Life Event of Residential Change. Master thesis, NTNU, Trondheim 2022
Ulvund, L.: Explaining fake news. Master thesis, NTNU, Trondheim 2021

Welle-Vatne, P. N.: Popularity Bias in Job Recommender Systems. Master thesis, NTNU, Trondheim 2022

Østerhus, S. B.: Omsorg gjennom skjermen? En kvalitativ casestudie om hvordan psykisk behandling endres ved digitalisering. Master thesis, UiO, Oslo 2022