National launch of the next gen NorLLM models

National launch of the next gen NorLLM models - Will be opened by the minister of trade and industry

Cecilie Myrseth, minister of trade and industry, will attend and welcome the audience when NorwAI is launching their new language models. The minister will talk on her expectations to the use of language models.

On May 15th NorwAI will present and launch the next generation of its NorLLM models. In addition, a group of partners, cooperating companies and organizations  will present projects and plans for their use of the models. 

The venue for the event is at the Schibsted office in Akersgata, Oslo and will take place between 09:30 am and 13:00 pm that Wednesday.  Doors will open at 9:30. Presentations starts at 10:00.  Admittance is free of charge. 

Program in short

* 10:00 - 10:50 - Launch of the next generation language models  

* 11:00 - 12:30 - Short presentations from cooperating companies and organizations 

* 12:30 - 13:00 - "Speed-dating"

Coffee and refreshments will be served during the meeting. 


EVP Chief Data and Technology Officer Sven Størmer Thaulow, Schibsted who also is chairperson of NorwAI will host the event with Professor Jon Atle Gulla of NorwAI. They will give a presentation of the models, most of them built on the Mistral architecture. The models represents a new portfolio of models with brand new features to meet demands from industry and the public sector.

Senior Advisor Kristine Eide at Språkrådet will during the first hour of the program give a keynote on the importance to Norwegian language to develop true Norwegian models. 

After a short break, the program contiunes at 11 o'clock. 

Furthermore, eight representatives from enterprises and players will present their take on the new NorLLMs:  

  1. Schibsted on language models– Anders Haarr, data Scientist VG
  2. NRK on language models– Pål Nedregotten, head of technology, NRK 
  3. DNB on artificial intelligence – Karl Aksel Festø, engineering manager, DNB
  4. Aifal (AI for Allmennleger): the use of LLMs i primary health service – Jorun Thaulow, bydelsoverlege 
  5. Sticos on language models– Stian Standahl, chief technology officer 
  6. Oslo Politi on LLMs  – Thomas Ibsa Beka, Data Scientist 
  7. DNV on security in i AI-systems – Andreas Hafver, team leader Emerging Assurance Technologies
  8. SpareBank1 SMN on language models – Astrid Undheim, executive director 

The seminar will have a speed dating session for people to meet and greet NorwAI’s professors and NorLLMs staff that all will be present. 

In the NorLLM programme, the research center NorwAI collaborates with leading Norwegian companies and research institutions on the development of a series of Norwegian-based language models for various purposes. The meeting focuses on the use of artificial intelligence in the private and public sector. The new models will be able to accelerate the use of AI in innovation work in Norway with the help of simplified technology, local downloads and data bases that do not encumber copyright-protected material, and which also ensure respect for privacy and companies' competitiveness. The models may also be used for commercial purposes. 

Register for participation here

The meeting is organized by NorwAI - Norwegian Research Center for AI Innovation by NTNU, SINTEF and Schibsted

Questions?  contact phone +47 918 59 525 or phone + 47 920 47 452

Read more about NorLLM here:

Professor Jon Atle Gulla at NorwAI gave a preview of the NorLLMs at an innovation breakfast in Trondheim earlier this year. 
Photo: Kai T. Dragland, NTNU


NorwAI Newsletter Archive

NorwAI News Archive

PhD Yujie Xing defended her thesis

PhD Yujie Xing defended her thesis

The thesis proposes and evaluates novel methods for improving the quality and diversity of chatbot responses in open domains. On March 18th she also gave her trial lecture on “The role of academic research on conversational AI in the age of ChatGPT”. 

Portrait of Yujie Xing
Yujie Xing


NorwAI to cooperate with NTNU’s School of Entrepreneurship

NorwAI to cooperate with NTNU’s School of Entrepreneurship

After summer 2024 the two will introduce a new program to foster collaborative knowledge exchange between AI students from NorwAI and students from the School of Entrepreneurship. 

Associate professor Nhien Nguyen and Assistant professor Ingrid Berg Sivertsen visiting NorwAI
Associate professor Nhien Nguyen (left) and Assistant professor Ingrid Berg Sivertsen of the NTNU School of Entrepreneurship.


A closer look into personal data

A closer look into personal data

Protecting personal information is challenging with complex AI models that are hungry for data. Norsk Regnesentral and the University of Oslo and Oslo Met has looked into the matter. 

Portrait of Anders Løland
Anders Løland, Research director, Norwegian Computing Center (NR)


-Vi treng generative norske språkmodeller

-Vi treng generative norske språkmodeller 

- Treng me generative språkmodellar på norsk? Svaret er eit rungande ja! Modellane må kunna formidla norske verdiar og haldningar, og dei må formidla god norsk - både bokmål og nynorsk.

Det sa Språkrådets direktør Åse Wetås da hun innledde på Trondheim Tech Port og NorwAI’s innovasjonsfrukost om språkmodeller og innovasjon 14. februar -24.

Åse Wetås on stage during a talk
Åse Wetås, Språkrådet. Foto: Kai T. Dragland


Can competitors cooperate? Yes!

Can competitors cooperate? Yes!

NorwAi partners Kongsberg and Cognite fight in the same market, both companies with unique strengths. Under the guidance of SINTEF Digital the competitors has joined hands to overcome challenges they else would have struggled with. Also other NorwAI partners are looking at the unique cooperation taking place in the work package Hybrid AI Analytics. 

Signe Riemer-Sørensen
Signe Riemer-Sørensen, Research Manager at SINTEF Digital and work package leader for Hybrid AI Analytics at NorwAI.
Foto: Kai T. Dragland