People in NorwAI

People in NorwAI

Placeholder with text NorwAI Core Center Management Team

NorwAI Core - Center Management Team

Center Director - Jon Atle Gulla, Professor, NTNU

Research Director - Kerstin Bach, Professor, NTNU

Innovation Director - Arne Jørgen Berre, Chief Scientist, SINTEF

Administrative Coordinator - Karolina Storesund, Senior Advisor, NTNU

Communications Manager - Rolf Dyrnes Svendsen, Head, Nxt Media Lab

Member NorwAI Core - Signe Riemer-Sørensen, Research Manager, SINTEF

Member NorwAI Core - Jon Espen Ingvaldsen, Associate Professor, NTNU

Member NorwAI Core - Frank Alexander Kraemer, Associate Professor, NTNU

Member NorwAI Core - Terje Brasethvik, Associate Professor, NTNU


Placeholder with text Executive board

Executive Board

Chair Executive Board- Sven Størmer Thaulow, Chief Data and Technology Officer, Schibsted Media Group

Members of the Executive Board:

Gøril Forbord, EVP Technology, Aneo (prev. TrønderEnergi)

John Markus Lervik, CEO, Cognite

Liv Dingsør, CEO, Digital Norway

Karl Aksel Festø, Head of CoE Advanced Analytics, DNB

Frank Børre Pedersen, Vice President & Program Director "Future of Digital Assurance", DNV

Stein-Roar Skånhaug Bjørnstad, CTO, Kongsberg Digital

Anders Løland, Research Director, NR

Birgitte Kvammen, IT Project and Portfolio Manager, NRK

Ingelin Steinsland, Vice Dean Research, Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, NTNU

Trond Runar Hagen, Research Director, SINTEF

Astrid Undheim, Executive Director, Sparebank1 SMN

Nenad Keseric, SVP Director Innovation and Technology development, Statnett

Dagfinn Myhre, Senior Vice President, Telenor Research

Stephan Oepen, Head of Department for Informatics, University of Oslo

Tom Ryen, Head of Department for Informatics, University of Stavanger


Scientific Advisory Board

Placeholder with text Scientific Advisory Board

Scientific Advisory Board

Chair of the scientific advisory board - Christian S. Jensen, Professor, Aalborg University

Members of the scientific advisory board:

  • Concha Bielza, Professor, Technical University of Madrid
  • Maarten De Rijke, Professor, University of Amsterdam
  • Virginia Dignum, Professor, Umeå University

Innovation Board

Placeholder with text AI Innovation Board

AI Innovation Board

Chair of the AI Innovation Board - Ieva Martinkenaite, VP Analytics and AI, Telenor

Members of the AI Innovation Board:

  • Sophie V. Vandebroek, Board Director, Trustee, Advisor
  • Saskia Steinacker, Global Head Strategy & Digital Transformation, Bayer
  • John Markus Lervik, Founder & CEO, Cognite
  • Øystein Larsen Indrevær, Senior Vice President Data-driven Sales, DNB

Postdoctoral fellows

Postdoctoral fellows

Peng Liu

Topic: Language models for natural language processing, Conversational systems 

Period: 2020-2023

The position is funded by SFI NorwAI

Abdulmajid Murad

Topic: Deep Reinforcement Learning, Active Learning, and GFlowNet

Period: 2023-2026

The position is funded by SFI NorwAI

Benjamin Kille

Topic: Personalization, Natural Language Processing, and Machine Learning for Banking and Finance

Period: 2021-2023

The position was funded by the Big data & machine learning project, NTNU/DNB

Lemei Zhang

Topic: Streaming Data Analytics

Period: 2022-2025

The position is funded by the IDI Multi-Source Event Detection (MUSED) research project

PhD candidates

PhD candidates

Placeholder with text PhD Candidates

Katarzyna Michalowska (UiO/SINTEF)

Topic: Informed machine learning

Period: 2021-2024

NorwAI Work Package: HYB - Hybrid AI Analytics

Nikolay Nikolov (UiO/SINTEF)

Topic: Flexible Deployment of Big Data Pipelines on the Cloud/Edge/Fog Continuum

Period: 2021-2024

NorwAI Work Package: DATA - Data and Platform for AI

Bjørnar Vassøy (NTNU)

Topic: Fairness, Accountability, Transparency and Privacy in Personalization/Recommender systems

Period: 2021-2025

NorwAI Work Package: LAP - Language and Personalization

David Baumgartner (NTNU)

Topic: Data analysis with noisy and low-quality data streams

Period: 2021-2025

NorwAI Work Package: STREAM - AI for Streaming and Sensor-based Data

Egil Rønningstad (UiO)

Topic: Norwegian Opinion summarisation and Entity-level Sentiment Analysis

Period: 2021-2024

NorwAI Work Package: LAP - Language and Personalization

Weronika Łajewska (UiS)

Topic: Personalizing Conversational Informational Access

Period: 2022-2025

NorwAI Work Package: LAP - Language and Personalization

Nolwenn Bernard (UiS)

Topic: Study of fairness and transparency in conversational recommender systems

Period: 2022-2025

NorwAI Work Package: LAP - Language and Personalization

Tanja Knaus (UiO)

Topic: Automation of affective data: infrastructure and data practices in voice recognition systems

Period: 2022-2025

NorwAI Work Package: SOC - AI in Society

Lena Jedamski (NTNU)

Topic: Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence

Period: 2023-2026

NorwAI Work Package: TRUST- Trustworthy AI