Yes, we love ribbon cutting

Yes, we love ribbon cutting

Anne Borg cutting a red ribbon
JOYFUL - Rector Anne Borg at NTNU is joined by Schibsted EVP Sven Størmer Thaulow, head of NorwAI’s Board, flanked by professors Heri Ramampiaro (left) and Jon Atle Gulla at the joyful ribbon-cutting ceremony at Department of Computer Science. Photo: Kai Dragland, NTNU

We like to associate ribbon cutting with important road and bridge openings. They signal a new, faster, safer and future-oriented solution. This was also the case with “NorwAI”. 

Accordingly, when NTNU's rector Anne Borg put her scissors in the red ribbon in front of the red-painted CRAY, NTNU's first supercomputer from ‘80s - in its prime a state-of-the-art vehicle to the future, today, alas, parked as an exhibition object, - Anne Borg heralds the next step in computer science in Norway. 

The kick-off for the Norwegian Research Center for AI Innovation, NorwAI, was back in mid-November 2020. 
Coming into effect, NorwAI as the new digital highway, is greatly upgraded in standard, capacity and quality. Large, Norwegian industry players joined forces with NTNU and SINTEF in the use of artificial intelligence for business purposes by help of research. The center is funded for a maximum of eight years.

People preparing for TV interview
MEDIA INTEREST – Head of the NorwAI center, Jon Atle Gulla, was also at the center of media interest at the kick-off: NRK’s Grete Thobroe preparing for her TV interview. Photo: Kai Dragland, NTNU
TV interview in progress
EXPECTATIONS - Chief Data and Technology Officer Sven Størmer Thaulow at Schibsted, Norways leading international media company, have high hopes for their NTNU investment. Photo: Kai Dragland, NTNU
Anne Borg smiling. John Krogstie in the backgroun
WINNER – Head of Department of Computer Science, professor John Krogstie, here behind rector Anne Borg, was one of the winners when Norwegian Research Council handed out the prestigious centers for research based innovations.  Photo: Kai Dragland, NTNU


Published: 2021-02-22