Student Think Do Tank

Welcome to NTNU's new Student Think/Do Tank!

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology has established a Student Think/Do Tank, which is a place for, by and with students. In the Think/Do Tank, students can share their experiences and ideas of how to build/renew/upgrade a city to become climate neutral, sustainable, inclusive, and beautiful. They will also get the opportunity to meet the other students around the world both digitally and physically. In addition, a series of activities in 2022 will be organised, including a fieldwork-based interdisciplinary intensive autumn course on climate neutral cities (see a blog from last year here), student sessions in as part of the EU’s European Week of Regions and Cities, as well as an exciting Digital/Physical student Interdisciplinary Hackathon in Trondheim (see a video from last year here).

Key Events in 2022​​​​​​

Join In!

We hereby invite you to join us with students all around the world for making our cities and planet a better place. The best contributors to the Students Think/do Tank will also get a scholarship to join the physical activities in Norway.

Please fill the form to register to become a member of the Student Think/do Tank. And if you want to win the scholarships to go to Norway, please upload a 1 minute long video and a maximum 200 word description of your ideas for what you would do as a student to help your city become climate neutral, sustainable, inclusive and beautiful. Please fill in the easy form attached.  

The best contributors will be rewarded the travel scholarship to Norway to participate
International intensive course on climate neutral cities from 2nd-8th October 2022 (for which 10 scholarships will be available), and the Hackathon 5-6th November (for which 10 scholarships will be available),

For non-NTNU students, the scholarship will provide 300 EUR for travel tickets in addition to an allowance for accommodation during the intensive course.

We shall also be hosting an intensive interdisciplinary course here in Trondheim, "Experts in Teams", in January 2023, with opportunity for students from around the world to join (read more about the course last year here). Watch this space for more information, and sign up to become a member of the Think Do Tank to be the first to hear about new opportunities!

The deadline of registration/upload the video and posters is 1st August. If you have any questions please contact or

Apply Here (if you have a Google account)​​​​​​​


Apply Here (if you don't have a Google account)​​​​​​​