Background and activities

Alenka Temeljotov-Salaj is a Professor in Sustainable Refurbishment and Facility Management at NTNU IBM, with a PhD in Psychology and MSc in Construction Engineering, Renewable energy. Her knowledge and skills from both psychology and construction fields enriched her research experiences to establish very strong international collaboration with cities and industry. She has worked closely with municipalities, end users and the construction sector. In addition, she has interacted with researchers from different disciplines with the focus on buildings and settlements through value orientation, co-creation solutions and Urban Facility Management, emphasizing sustainable solutions, health and well-being. She participates and has participated in several research projects, both nationally and internationally, organized Summer Schools and annual International Conferences, and developed a series of workshops with students, researchers and companies. She is appointed as the leader of NTNU IBM Forskerlinjen, helping students to develop earlier research skills to enter the PhD program.

As a member of the NTNU IBM Research, Development, Innovation Committee, she has worked to foster stronger innovation collaboration among stakeholder groups. She is a member of CEN commission for a new Sustainable Refurbishment standard and is an active member of EuroFM. In addition, she has been a guest editor of the international journal Facilities . She has published more than 180 papers in international conferences and journals, two books and 10 book chapters. She has supervised PhD students, post-doctoral students, and acted as an opponent for national and international defenses.

Some of the projects from the last years in which she has been involved as a member, task leader, work package leader or main leader are: Horizon 2020:  +CityxChange – Positive Energy Districts; BENEFIT– Business models for enhancing funding and enabling financing for infrastructure in transport; COST: PED-EU-NET Positive Energy Districts European Network; P3T3– Public Private Partnership in Transport: Trends and Theory; NordForsk: CaPs - Citizens as Pilots of Smart Cities; Research Council of Norway (NFR): OSCAR - Value for owners and users of property; AAL - FootWork - Smart insole system for older workers to reduce back pain; Research Agency of Slovenia (ARRS):  Creating social value with age-friendly housing stock management in lifetime neighborhoods; Development of social infrastructure and services for community based long-term care; Location and urban land use in aging regions. 


Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

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  • Collins, Dave; Senior, Coline; Temeljotov Salaj, Alenka; Kuijlenburg, Rachel; Le Roux, Peter C.. (2021) Back to School - the Impact of Short Timeframe Student Case Studies on Projects and Educational Programs in the Context of Urban FM. The 20th EuroFM Research Symposium 16-17 June 2021.
  • Bendiksen, Laila Marie; Senior, Coline; Temeljotov Salaj, Alenka; Bjørberg, Svein. (2020) Housing Federation Hub initiative – 3D models to interact with people in housing communities. Research papers for the 19th EuroFM research symposium EFMIC 2020, 3-4 June : online conference. Hague: EuroFM. 2020.
  • Prabowo, Bintang Noor; Temeljotov Salaj, Alenka. (2020) Systemic approaches in revitalization of Semarang old city heritage site: from neglected area to tourism destination. 7th International academic conference on Places and Technologies.
  • Temeljotov Salaj, Alenka; Lindkvist, Carmel Margaret; Jowkar, Mina. (2020) Social needs for sustainable refurbishment in Trondheim. Research papers for the 19th EuroFM research symposium EFMIC 2020, 3-4 June : online conference. Hague: EuroFM. 2020.
  • Temeljotov Salaj, Alenka; Loewen, Bradley. (2020) The next generation of smart citizens: Experiences and inspiration from the +CityxChange project. 7th International academic conference on Places and Technologies.