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Dr. Steven Gabriel from the University of Maryland and adjunct professor at NTNU paid us a visit this week. He had a busy schedule teaching, advising students, and collaborating on projects regarding gas optimization. Somehow he found time for a short interview and even recorded a podcast episode with Julius Wesche, that'll be released later. “They haven’t met each other and...

Watch the presentation in its entirety, produced and published by SINTEF:

Recently talented pupils in Trondheim visited NTNU to learn about the energy transition. The 32 students from 8th til 10th grade visited different labs and the ZEB building. Throughout the day they got to learn about solar energy and smart grid systems. At the end we played the boardgame PositiCity+. The game is developed by CityxChange, a research consortium we're part of.

On October 20, EERA launched its White Paper on the Clean Energy Transition, in the company of policymakers, energy and climate experts, members of the research community and other relevant stakeholders.  The White Paper calls for an interdisciplinary, holistic and cross-sectoral approach towards climate neutrality that breaks with existing silos of governance and...

Norwegian newspaper, Klassekampen talked to us about plugging and abandoning mature oil fields. Read the article at Klassekampen's website (subscription required).

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