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Title: Data-informed energy storage sizing and control for wind-powered offshore O&G platforms

Green hydrogen from hydropower: A non-cooperative modeling approach assessing the profitability gap and future business cases

26 August, Sebastian Zwickl-Bernhard talked about the differencet trade-offs for a run-of-river hydropower plant owner between the current business model of wholesale electricity trading and, alternatively, production of Green Hydrogen.

There is no recording available, but click here to download the presentation (PPTX).

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NTNU Energy Systems Seminar is a bi-weekly presentation series that connect researchers across disciplines working on energy transition topics, with a focus on systems, markets, and techno-economic methodologies from operations research and related disciplines.

It is co-hosted by the Department of Electric Power Engineering and Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management research groups in collaboration with the NTNU Energy Transition Initiative and SINTEF Energy Research.

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