NTNU Energy transition is established in order to build a world leading research programme focused on strategies for the transition to a future sustainable energy system. Our research objective is to explore different alternatives for the future energy mix and corresponding transition pathways that may lead us to a low carbon society.

  • Focus on excellent Research and Education linked to energy transition strategies
  • Establish a multidisciplinary International network
  • Involve partners from industry and government


Energy Transition 2018

The Energy Transition Conference 2018 will be held in Trondheim on 27 February 2018

Everyone interested in Energy Transition are welcome to register for the conference. 



NTNU is involved in several long-term centres of excellence within the energy field, funded by the Norwegian Research Council´s program as Centres for Environmentally Friendly Energy (FME).

  • Energy policy and long term scenarios
  • Innovation and etrepreneurship
  • Sustainability and climate
  • Energy markets: Design and operation of energy markets
  • Human behaviour
  • Energy systems: System integration, storage, technology

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Director, industry relations

Per Ivar Karstad
Tlf +47-41512653

International chairs

Steven Gabriel, Professor
University of Maryland and NTNU
Tlf +1-301-405-3242


Management and board

International advisory board

  • Jae Edmonds, JGCRI
  • Nick Eyre, Oxford University
  • Carolyn Fischer, Resources for the Future
  • Richard Green, Imperial college
  • Christian von Hirschhausen, TU Berlin
  • Franziska Holz, DIW Berlin
  • Steven Gabriel, University of Maryland and NTNU
  • Volker Krey, IIASA
  • Mark O´Malley, NREL
  • Reinhard Madlener RWTH Aachen
  • David Newbury, Cambridge University
  • Sergey Paltsev, MIT
  • Michael Pollit, Cambridge University
  • Frank O´Sullivan, MIT

Management group and network


  • Johan E. Hustad, Chairman
  • Tor Ulleberg, Chief of Innovation, Statoil
  • Sonja Cirico Indrebø, VP Strategy & Innovations, New Energy Solutions Statoil
  • Marianne Thellersen, Senior VP innovation & Entrepreneurship, DTU
  • Frode Leversund, CEO Gassco
  • Sverre Gotaas, CEO Herøya Industripark as
  • Marie Bysveen, Senior Research fellow, Sintef Energy

Management group and network

Management group

International network