Energy Transition Week

29 March, Trondheim
NTNU Energy Transition Conference 2022

Accelerating Transition

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Program ETC 2022

Plan for the day:


09:00   -  Opening Session: Urgent change 

Keynotes on the need for urgency in the energy transition.

10:00   -  A shift in International Finance: Greenwash or for real?

Examining the role of the finance industry as a driving force that
accelerates the transition.

12:15   -  Rapid Deployment: Behaviour & Technology

This session discusses urgent actions needed to reach our climate
and energy targets.

14:00   -  Regional Mitigation Strategies: Feasibility and Conflicts

On how accelerated transition strategies can avoid conflict and still
remain feasible when companies and regions require different
speeds and divergences.

16:00   -  People, Polarisation and Populism

Discussing how transitions can counteract injustices and the role
of media and education in the current transition debate.

17:30   -  Closing Remarks

Speakers 2022



Susan Clayton. Photo.
Susan Clayton
Professor Psychology, College of Wooster

Suzana Kahn Ribeiro. Photo.
Suzana Kahn Ribeiro
Professor and Deputy Director, COPPE/UFRJ
John Olav Giæver Tande. Photo
John Olav Giæver Tande
Chief Scientist, SINTEF
Helje Solberg. Photo.
Helje Solberg
News Director, NRK
Christian Rynning-Tønnesen. Photo.
Christian Rynning-Tønnesen
President and CEO, Statkraft
Valerie Karplus. Photo.
Valerie Karplus
Associate Professor, Carnegie Mellon Uni
Tomas M. Skjølsvold. Photo.
Tomas M. Skjølsvold
Professor, NTNU
Ulrica Fearn. Photo.
Ulrica Fearn
CFO, Equinor
Martin Skancke. Photo.
Martin Skancke
Chair, Principles for Responsible Investment
Tilmann Vahle. Photo.
Tilmann Vahle
Co-lead mobility, SYSTEMIQ
Kevin Urama. Photo.
Kevin Urama
Sr. Director, African Development Institute
Edward Maibach. Photo.
Edward Maibach
Professor, Mason's Center for Climate Change Communication
Harald Francke Lund. Photo.
Harald F. Lund
CEO, CICERO Shades of Green
Carri Lockhart. Photo.
Carri Lockhart
EVP Technology, Digital & Innovation, Equinor
Carine Smith Ihenacho. Photo.
Carine Smith Ihenacho
Chief Governance and Compliance Officer, NBIM
Placeholder photo.
More speakers,
to be announced

Energy Transition Conference



The NTNU Energy Transition Conference is an annual meeting for academia, industry and policymakers to share knowledge and debate the transition to a sustainable energy system.

The event is part of the NTNU Energy Transition Week, which lasts from 28 March to 1 April and includes in addition the Trondheim Tech Port Conference, dedicated workshops, and some smaller events.

The NTNU Energy Transition Conference is free and available to everyone.

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programme committee

Programme Committee:


•    Asgeir Tomasgard, NTNU
•    Rita V. Bouman, NTNU
•    Tor Ivar Eikaas, Norwegian Research Council
•    Gunnar Eskeland, NHH
•    Bjørn Haugstad, MPE
•    Anne Jortveit, Norwegian Climate Foundation
•    Steffen Kallbekken, CICERO
•    Christian Klöckner, NTNU
•    Tone Knudsen, Statkraft
•    Anne Neumann, NTNU
•    Pål Rasmussen, Gassco
•    Marianne Ryghaug, NTNU
•    Astrid Sørensen, Equinor

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