Energy Transition Week

21 March, Trondheim
NTNU Energy Transition Conference 2023

Crisis, Crossroads, and Courage

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Energy Transition Conference

The NTNU Energy Transition Conference is an annual meeting arena for industry, policy, academia, and NGO's. The objective is to share knowledge, debate the transition to sustainable energy systems, and translate ambition to action.

On 21 March 2023, the NTNU Energy Transition Conference includes 4 topics within a corresponding session, followed by a panel discussion with experts and audience.

The event is part of the NTNU Energy Transition Week, which also includes the Trondheim Tech Port Conference, an innovation expo, dedicated workshops, and smaller networking events.

The NTNU Energy Transition Conference is free and available to everyone.

Preliminary Program

Preliminary Program

Global supply disruptions, high prices, geopolitical instability, and the continued transition away from carbon-intensive energy systems have led to an Energy crisis in Europe in 2022. Global trade patterns are affected both by the geopolitical situation and climate related measures like carbon border adjustment mechanisms. What could this mean for renewable energy, upcoming industry transformations, fuel substitutions, CCS and CO2-removal? Looking at international companies and global trade, this session aims to better understand the situation and how we better can align goals.

Almost overnight, energy security became a major concern in the short term, but also so for the whole energy transition. Major infrastructure projects got halted, some shut down or even blown up impacting the global market. Can critical infrastructure become more resilient and how will it have to be monitored? Is repurposing existing infrastructure – here mainly pipelines for hydrogen transport – a sustainable option or do we even need to build new? How does storage factor into these global markets, for both CO2 and fuels? This session aims to shed light over what solutions exist, what emerging technologies should we be looking at, and how we can foster development in turbulent times.

Cities are major players in the energy transition. With climate change and harsher weather conditions, solutions for how to heat and cool our buildings are increasingly important. New mega-cities are sprouting in developing parts of the world, raising new ideas for transport, energy efficiency, flexible consumers, sector coupling and infrastructure. How does citizen engagement factor into the equation, in terms of policy and behavioural adaptation? These are some of the aspects the conference aims to take a closer look at.

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