Energy Transition Week

NTNU Energy Transition Conference 2024

To be announced soon

Energy Transition Conference

The NTNU Energy Transition Conference 2024 will be arranged Spring 2024.


Stay tuned for more information.


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Programme committee 2024

Programme Committee 2024: 

  • Tone Knudsen, Statkraft 
  • Sanjanaa Achar, Statkraft
  • Mari Grooss Viddal, Statkraft 
  • William Christensen, OED
  • Sanjanaa Achar, Equinor
  • Astrid Sørensen, Equinor
  • Even Bjørnstad, Enova
  • Anne Steenstrup-Duch, SINTEF
  • Marie Bysveen Marie.Bysveen, SINTEF
  • Anders Hammer Strømman, NTNU
  • Julius Wesche, NTNU
  • Terese Løvås, NTNU
  • Massimo Busuoli, NTNU Brussels
  • Vivek Sinha, NTNU
  • Matilde Brox Bordal, NTNU
  • Morten A. Biering, NTNU

About ETC

The NTNU Energy Transition Conference is an annual meeting arena for industry, policymakers, academia, and NGOs. The objective is to share the latest knowledge on the transition to sustainable energy systems, share views and translate ambitions to actions that will accelerate our pathway to a zero emission society.

The event is part of the NTNU Energy Transition Week, which also includes the dedicated workshops and other networking events.

The conference is free and open to everyone.




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