Research Areas

Research Areas

We have organized NTNU Energy Transition research projects into five categories:

Research Areas

  • Page on Sustainable Transition

    Want a strategic position in future energy markets? Our multidisciplinary methods examine different transition paths towards a low-emission society, in dialogue with researchers, policy makers and industry. Sustainable Transition
  • Page on Innovation & Entrepreneurship

    Ideas and knowledge can lead to positive development. We build cultures for innovation through collaborations across disciplines and research institutions. Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • Page on Sectoral Demand & Sector Coupling

    How can you reduce consumption and cost? Sector coupling different energy sources can impact the market in different ways. Sectoral Demand & Sector Coupling
  • Page on Consumers & Markets

    Technological innovations aren't complete solutions. Understanding people and social structures is crucial when uncovering the path towards future energy markets. Consumers & Markets
  • Page on Energy Supply & Energy Systems

    How do we build a low-emission society? Using data and modelling framework we can provide climate-change-mitigation pathways. Energy Supply & Energy Systems

Research (introtekst)

Our research explores the future energy mix and transition to a low-emission society.

NTNU Energy Transition Initiative plays an important role in how society respond to the many challenges facing the current energy system. By bringing together world class experts, policy makers and industry, we contribute through multidisciplinary research projects and by facilitating collaboration. Our stakeholders provide research opportunities, and together we strategize to best integrate sustainable solutions into future energy systems.

We deliver analyses for leaders, policy makers, regulators and the public. General summaries are available through our reports, but members are invited to workshops and can involve themselves in subjects more relevant to their field. Every year we arrange the Energy Transition Conference, a key meeting point to debate challenges and solutions for the transition to a future sustainable energy system.

Research Centres

Research Centres

Our research portfolio is developed in collaboration with different centres and international partners. Through coordinating activities between the centres, we provide multidisciplinary research combining a wide variety of expertise. 

The centres are funded by the Norwegian Research Council's program as Centres for Environmentally Friendly Energy Research (FME).

Research Centres


International Network

International network



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