HUNT3 (2006-2008) collected information among residents in Nord-Trøndelag who were 13 and older. The collected material is used in medical and social science research. HUNT3 was also a simple health check for each participant.

Clinical observations and interviews were done with each participant, as well as numerous additional studies.
All the measurement data and self-report data is stored in HUNT Databank.

Biological material collected in HUNT3 includes blood of adults, urine sample from a selected group and DNA of youth. The collecting of biological material has been the biggest investment made in HUNT3, and is stored in  HUNT Biobank.

More information on The HUNT3 Survey can be found in this publication:

Krokstad, S., Langhammer, A., Hveem, K., Holmen, T.L., Midthjell, K., Stene, T.R., Bratberg, G., Heggland, J., Holmen, J.(2013) Cohort Profile: The HUNT Study, Norway. International Journal of Epidemiology, 42(4) 968-977.



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