The Young-HUNT Study

The Young-HUNT Survey is the adolescent part of the HUNT Study, including participants aged 13-19 years. The Young-HUNT1 survey (1995-97) was conducted as part of  the HUNT2 survey. 9141 adolescents participated (90% response rate). The Young-HUNT2 Survey (1999-2000) was a follow-up study, and 2400 students participated in both studies (77% of the invited). The Young-HUNT3 Survey (2006-08) was a new cross-sectional study as part of the HUNT3 Survey. This time 8677 adolescents participated (87% response rate). Data collection included self-reported questionnaires, structured interviews, clinical measurements and, in Young-HUNT3, buccal smears.

The main topics in Young-HUNT were asthma and allergies, mental health and quality of life, eating disorders and psychosomatic disorders with special emphasis on headaches. Information about tobacco, alcohol habits, physical activity, health, stages of puberty and literacy problems were also gathered.


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