HUNT Biobank

HUNT Biobank

– A regional, national and international biobank resource

HUNT Biobank is an established and modern research biobank with high-technology equipment for storage, analysis, sample handling and delivery of samples. Our samples shall satisfy high quality standards and are stored in accordance with the Data Inspectorates laws and regulations. HUNT Biobank engages in sample handling from The Nord-Trøndelag Health Study (HUNT), Cohort of Norway (CONOR), and can receive samples from other researchers and research projects for storage, analysis and processing of DNA. We do not store samples from private individuals.

HUNT Biobank is certified for its Management System in conformity with NS-EN ISO 9001:2015 as part of HUNT Research Centre since 2011.


  • Storage and DNA-sample picking is done in our automatic storage system  (REMP) at - 20 °C. Storage capacity is about 900 000 matrix tubes.
  • Blood, serum and plasma samples are stored in freezers at - 80 °C. An automatic storage at - 80 °C for storage and sample picking will be established by 2015.
  • HUNT Biobank has a large nitrogen storage for samples at -196 °C, used for long term preservance. Total capacity is about 1,3 million matrix tubes. The nitrogen storage is linked with a watch system which among other things ensures automatic refill of fluid nitrogen when needed. Samples in the nitrogen tanks include blood, serum and plasma from HUNT3. A small part of the storage is used for samples of endangered animal species.
  • Storage at room temperature (safe for fire) is done for FTA-cards with DNA from buccal swabs collected from participants in Young-HUNT3 (2006-2008) and Hel-BUP (St Olavs hospital)


  • HUNT Biobank can offer "High through-put" SNP genotyping for up to 5000 samples a day per SNP (TaqMan-based – 7900HT Fast Real-Time PCR System, Life Technologies).
  • Biochemical analyses of serum / plasma is done with ABX Pentra 400 and immuno-chemical analyses are done with Liaison. In addition we can offer Urisys 1100 for urinstix-measurements. See our overview over analyses HUNT Biobank can offer.
  • Analyses of DNA quantity and quality is done with spectrophotometry (NanoDrop1000, NanoDrop 8000 ogTrinean Dropsense96) and /or Pico Green.
  • Quality control of RNA samples is done with Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer.

Sample handling and delivery

  • HUNT Biobank has automated solutions for aliquoting (Tecan EVO) and fractioning (RTS Assay Station) of biological material.
  • Robotized (Hamilton – chemagic STAR) and manual DNA extraction from blood, buffy coat and saliva can be offered.
  • Many of our customers ask for specific concentrations of DNA. HUNT Biobank offers concentration measurement and normalizing  of DNA up to the desired concentration using Biomek NX and Biomek FX, PicoGreen-based.

Read more about Extraction and concentration normalisation of DNA.


HUNT developed its own Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) to ensure tracking and overview of our samples collection. The HUNT Biobank Resource Information System (Hubris) is a database which allows for information to be stored in relation to each sample. Among other things we can track which delivery is done to which project, how much remaining volume a tube contains, and which concentration or quality the remaining sample has. LIMS allows for an automated and safe handling and management of large data sets.

National and international resource

HUNT Biobank is a national biobank for Cohort of Norway (CONOR) with 250.000 DNA samples from all the large Norwegian Health Surveys gathered at one place.
When building up HUNT Biobank we have applied to strict quality requirements for the collection, storage and processing of samples.  The demand for these resources is increasing and this contributes to HUNT researchers and HUNT materials being part of a growing amount of nationally and internationally acknowledged research groups and projects in genetic epidemiology and other fields.

Access to HUNT material

Researchers can apply for access to HUNT material  (DNA, blood, serum, plasma, measurements and questionnaire data) or results of analyses of these.

Orders not related to HUNT or other samples currently stored at HUNT Biobank

HUNT Biobank is happy to receive biological material from researchers and health studies for extraction of DNA, analyses and /or storage at HUNT Biobank. Please see our pricing for external projects (not using HUNT material) under "Relevant links and documents". When using HUNT samples, please see our pricing for the use of HUNT samples. Please contact us with any inquiries you might have or to get a quote for your order.

08 Apr 2020



HUNT Research Centre is a part of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Department of Public Health and Nursing

HUNT Research Centre
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During the period with Covid-19 precautions, HUNT Research Centre has fewer people physically present. If you do not reach us by telephone, please send an e-mail. 
The building is closed for visitors during this time.

July 20th til August 7th many of us will take a holiday break and we have no capacity for answering phone calls. The response time for e-mail may be longer during this period. 




Short about HUNT biobank

Short about HUNT biobank

A biobank is a collection of biological material consisting of one or more samples. Human biological material such as stored from The HUNT Study is defined as organs, parts of organs, cells, tissue or components of such material, that is DNA, RNA or proteins. A collection of this kind of material is a biobank, whether or not the samples can be traced back to an identifiable person or not.
The goal of our research biobank storing human biological material is to guarantee that collection, storage, handling and destruction of material is used for excellent research in an ethically correct way, thereby helping to provide new important insights into pathways of health and illness in society.