Our purpose here at HUNT is to facilitate research leading to new knowledge about public health. Researchers associated with Norwegian institutions can apply for access to HUNT material. Researchers from other countries are welcome to apply in cooperation with a Norwegian Principle Investigator. The research projects must be approved by an ethics committee.

HUNT Biobank

HUNT Biobank

HUNT Biobank is an established and modern research biobank with high-technology equipment for storage, analysis, sample handling and delivery of samples from many research projects. Contact us for information on what we can do for your study.

Analysis overview (Norwegian)

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Biological samples from The HUNT Study



To be able to manage the HUNT data and uphold the operation, development and quality assurance of HUNT Research Centre, a financial compensation is necessary. Read more here. 

HUNT publication fund

HUNT publication fund for researchers at the Department of Public Health and Nursing (ISM)

Up to NOK 200,000 per year can be granted, with a maximum limit per application of NOK 60,000 for consortia and NOK 30,000 for other publications. Researchers who do not have their own flexible project funds can apply.
HUNT publication fund can cover the publication fee for the following
1) Consortium in which HUNT will be an important contributor
2) Method articles based on HUNT data
3) Validation articles based on HUNT data
Application can be sent to
Applications are processed in DAC.



Access to data files and biological material can be granted after an application process and agreement signing. Such an agreement gives you the right to research one or more specific issues for a time-limited period, and to publish a specific number of articles. Read more about data access and order variables here: Access to HUNT data and samples for research purposes

HUNT Databank | Variable overview | Requesting variables

Guidelines for administration and use of research data from the HUNT study

GWAS-data fra HUNT

Questionnaires HUNT1-HUNT4 (in Norwegian)

Informed consent

Guidelines for publication of research results using HUNT-data

Anonymous data sets for student projects (Norwegian pdf)

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It is possible to apply for acess to SNP data with known associations:

The SNP's cataloge is run by the K.G. Jebsen Center for Genetic Epidemiology




HUNT Cloud - Provides services for digital lab management, tailored towards large-scale sensitive data

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