The HUNT Study - a longitudinal population health study in Norway

First data collection dates from 1984

The HUNT Study - a longitudinal population health study in Norway

The Trøndelag health study (HUNT)

HUNT Biobank

The Trøndelag Health Study (The HUNT Study) is one of the largest health studies ever performed. It is a unique database of questionnaire data, clinical measurements and samples from a county’s inhabitants from 1984 onwards.

The HUNT Study is well-known in the county of Trøndelag, and its inhabitants have a generally positive attitude to participation and health research resulting from the study. HUNT has high participation rates, providing a good base for further health surveys in the county and an excellent research environment.

Today, HUNT Research Centre has a database with information on 230,000 people. Approximately 300 national and international research projects are currently using the samples and data from HUNTs collection.
HUNT Research Centre is certified for its Management System in conformity with NS-EN ISO 9001:2015 since 2011.

Data gathering for the main part of HUNT was completed in 2019, but research groups are still involved in gathering new data and samples in sub groups throughout the county to develop The HUNT Study further.



HUNT Research Centre is a part of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Department of Public Health and Nursing

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Data collection for HUNT4 was completed in February 2019.