HUNT Cloud

HUNT Cloud

Our mission is  to elevate research by enabling data use for a better world. 

Scientists use increasingly complex and sensitive data that requires high levels of security, compliance and trust from study participants. Every step of the process, from transporting data, storage, processing, analysis and collaboration, must take place within a secure and compliant framework. What’s more, as new tools and technologies emerge, such a system must be highly flexible and adaptable to the evolving needs of the scientists and their data.


In HUNT Cloud, we provide a high-trust, secure but flexible cloud computing system for scientists. 


Having data is only the first step. As sensitive data grows in size and complexity, scientists need strategic data value management to effectively extract value from the data. We offer guidance in this process, adapted to the needs of your projects.

HUNT Cloud is owned by NTNU and operated by HUNT Research Center. Our team is located at the Department of Nursing and Public Health.  

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