Open and Simple: The secrets to digital innovation, with Georg von Krogh

Open and Simple: The secrets to digital innovation,
with Georg von Krogh

  • PIMS Executive Forum
  • June 9th, 2022

Rita McGrathGeorg von Krogh is a Professor at ETH Zurich and holds the Chair of Strategic Management and Innovation. In June of 2022 he visited us in Norway for an executive workshop focused on the core principles of organizing for digital innovation — namely organizational openness to external knowledge and process simplification.

Departing from how innovation is traditionally organized in firms, this seminar demonstrated the power of online communities in boosting a firm’s innovativeness. Participants worked through case studies on digital innovation and extract learnings for their own companies in groups and plenary sessions.

Georg von Krogh
PIMS Executive Forum, June 2022

Chairing the Global Advisory Board that advises the President of ETH Zurich in matters regarding its international strategy. He also serves on the Strategy Commission at ETH Zurich and the Risk Management Commission at ETH Zurich. von Krogh specializes in competitive strategy, digital innovation, and organizational knowledge. Von Krogh has conducted research in several industries including financial services, media, computer software and hardware, life -sciences, and consumer goods. He teaches courses on Entrepreneurial Leadership, Strategic Management, and Innovation Theory and Research. His awards and recognitions include for example the Association of American Publishers' "Best Professional Business Book Award", Harvard Business Review's "Breakthrough Idea,” ETH's Teaching Award "Goldene Eule,” and various awards from the Academy of Management. In 2020, he was awarded the prestigious Fellow of the European Academy of Management. He serves as an active member on the College of Fellows at EURAM.