Sebastien Letout


Sebastien Letout

Numerical Simulation of Flow in Production Furnaces: Focus on SiMn Production Furnace

The purpose of this work is to develop numerical simulations ble to provide some physical useful information about metal production processes. As a starting point, the aim of this study is to operate a numerical simulation of the SiMn production process. Thermodynamical and kinetic data are supplied by the recent experiment results and the knowledge in this field owned by the SiMn experimenting team. These simulations are supposed to give a deeper understanding of the experimental facility operations, whereas the experimental observations are necessary to correctly set up the model. 

Resource Group: Professor Merete Tangstad (NTNU), Mehdi Kadkhodabeigi (Eramet)



Students at Metal Production

Students at Metal Production


Post Doctorial

Sebastien Letout, RD1
Modelling Metallurgical Production Process
Nov 2015 - Nov 2017

Heiko Gaertner, RD4
PAH Standardization




Pyunghwa Kim, RD2
Reduction Mechanisms in the SiMn Process

Massoud Hassanabadi, RD3
Ceramic Foam Filters Used in Molten Al Filtration

Erlend Lunnan Bjørnstad, RD3
Si Refining


Håkon Olsen, RD4
Dust Formation and Clustering



Associated PhD

Karin Fjeldstad Jusnes

Caoimhe Rooney

Raghed Saadieh

Benedicte Hovd
Charcoal for Manganese Production



Kai Erik Ekstrøm, RD3
Recycling and Refining of Metallurgical
Waste Streams







Sethulaksmy Jayakumari, RD2
SiC Formation in Silicon Processes

Nicholas Smith, RD3
Effect of Minor Elements on Al Oxidation

Daniel Clos, RD4
Scaling in Al off-gas Channels/heat Exchangers

Romain Billy, RD5
Material Flow Analysis of Al



Hamideh Kaffash


Mads Fromreide

Fabian Imanasa Azof
Alumina Production