All Personnel

All Personnel

Core Team Title

Core Team

Core Team Title

The core team group photo. Photo



Aud Nina Wærnes. PhotoAud Nina Wærnes, SINTEF Industri

Centre Director




Kristian Etienne Einarsrud. Photo

Kristian Etienne Einarsrud, NTNU

RD1 Leader




Merete Tangstad. Photo

Merete Tangstad, NTNU

RD2 Leader




Anne Kvithyld. Photo

Anne Kvithyld, SINTEF Industri 

RD3 Leader




Gabrilla Tranell. Photo

Gabriella Tranell, NTNU

RD4 Leader




Casper Van der Eijk. Photo

Casper Van der Eijk, SINTEF Industri

RD5 Leader




Kari Håland. Photo

Kari Håland, NTNU





Excecutive Committee Title

Excecutive Committee

Executive Committee

Ida Westermann, NTNU
Excecutive Committee Leader

Ketil Rye, Alcoa
Process Technology Manager 

Marit Dolmen, Elkem
Department Manager Process Development

Ulrik Thisted, NORCE
Senior Scientist

Nancy Holt, Hydro 
Senior Scientist

Benjamin Ravary, Eramet
R&D Manager

Eli Aamot, SINTEF Industri
Executive Vice President

Oddvar Gorset, NFR
Senior Advisor


General Assembly Title

General Assembly

General Assembly

Nancy Holt, Hydro
Senior Scientist, General Assembly Leader

Benjamin Ravary, Eramet
R&D Director

Ketil Rye, Alcoa
Process Technology Manager

Marit Dolmen, Elkem
Department Manager Process Development

Anders Sørhuus, Reel Norway AS
Product Technology Manager

Ida Westermann, NTNU
Head of Department, Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Aud Wærnes, SINTEF Industry
Senior Business Developer

Oddvar Gorset, RCN
Senior Advisor

Haavard Elstad, TiZir
R&D Leader

Karin Jusnes, Finnfjord
Process engineer

Ulrik Thisted, NORCE
Senior Scientist

Nina Dahl, SINTEF Industry
Vice President

Petter Nekså, SINTEF Energy
Chief Scientist

Torbjørn Halland, Wacker

Scientific Committee title

Scientific Committee

Scientific Committe

Professor Markus A. Reuter. PhotoProfessor Markus A. Reuter

Helmholtz Institute Freiberg for Resource Technology and

SMS-Group GmbH  in Düsseldorf , Germany



Professor Margaret M. Hyland. PhotoProfessor Margaret M. Hyland

Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand




Professor In-Ho Jung. PhotoProfessor In-Ho Jung

Seoul National University, South Korea




Jean-Pierre Birat. PhotoJean-Pierre Birat

IF Steelman, France





Key Researchers title

Key Researchers

Key Researchers



Kristian Etienne Einarsrud. PhotoKristian Etienne Einarsrud, NTNU

Modelling, Primary Aluminum Production





Ulrik Thisted. PhotoUlrik Thisted, NORCE

Mathematical Modelling




Olaf Trygve Berglihn. PhotoOlaf Trygve Berglihn, SINTEF Industri

Modelling, Library




Jan Erik Olsen. PhotoJan Erik Olsen, SINTEF Industri





Stein Tore Johansen. PhotoStein Tore Johansen, SINTEF Industri





Manuel Sparta. PhotoManuel Sparta, NORCE

Mathematical Modelling




Arne Petter Ratvik. PhotoArne Petter Ratvik, SINTEF Industri

Primary Aluminum Production, Carbon Materials







Merete Tangstad. Photo Merete Tangstad, NTNU

Si/FeSi and Mn-alloys Production, Raw Materials




Asbjørn Solheim. Photo Asbjørn Solheim, SINTEF Industri

Trace Element in Aluminum Production




Espen Sandnes. Photo Espen Sandnes, NTNU

Primary Aluminum Prouction




Michal Ksiazek. Photo Michal Ksiazek, SINTEF Industri

Si/FeSi and Mn-alloys Production, Raw Materials




Eli Ringdalen. Photo Eli Ringdalen, SINTEF Industri

Si/FeSi and Mn-alloys Production, Raw Materials




Jafar Safarian. Photo Jafar Safarian, NTNU

Iron and Ferromanganese Production, Raw Materials, Slag Processes




Egil Skybakmoen. Photo Egil Skybakmoen, SINTEF Industri

Electrolysis, Primary Aluminium Production







Anne Kvithyld. Photo Anne Kvithyld, SINTEF Industri

Aluminum Refining and Recycling




Martin Syvertsen. Photo Martin Syvertsen, SINTEF Industri

Aluminum Refining and Recycling




Ragnhild Aune. Photo Ragnhild Aune, NTNU

Aluminum Refining and Recycling




Gabriella Tranell. Photo Gabriella Tranell, NTNU

Aluminum Oxidation







Gabriella Tranell. Photo Gabriella Tranell, NTNU

Production of Ferroalloys, Emissions and Environmental Issues




Thor Anders Aarhaug. Photo Thor Anders Aarhaug, SINTEF Industri

Emissions and Environmental Challenges




Petter Nekså. Photo Petter Nekså, SINTEF Energy

Heat Recovery, Heat Exchangers




Daniel Clos. Photo Daniel Clos, NTNU

Heat Recovery, Heat Exchangers




Vidar Skjervold. Photo Vidar Skjervold, SINTEF Energy

Heat Recovery, Heat Exchangers




Ida Kero. Photo Ida Kero, SINTEF Industri

Emissions and Environmental Challenges




Heiko Gaertner. Photo Heiko Gaertner, SINTEF Industri

Emissions and Environmental Challenges




Jan Erik Olsen. Photo Jan Erik Olsen, SINTEF Industri

Dust and Emissions




Hege Indresand. Photo Hege Indresand, NORCE

Emmisions and enviromental challenges




Svend Grådahl. Photo Svend Grådahl, SINTEF Industri

Emissions and Environmental Challenges







Casper van der Eijk. Photo Casper van der Eijk, SINTEF Industri

Materials and Society




Jafar Safarian. Photo Jafar Safarian, NTNU

Materials and Society, Sustainable Metallurgy




Daniel Beat Müller. Photo Daniel Beat Müller, NTNU

Materials and Society









PhD and Post Doctorial Researchers title

PhD and Post Doctorial Researchers

PhD and PostDoc

Post Doctorial

Shokouh Haghdani, RD2

Influence of structure on slag viscosity

Dec 2019 - Dec 2021



Kai Erik Ekstrøm. Photo Kai Erik Ekstrøm, RD3

Recycling and Refining of Metallurgical Waste Streams

Jan 2017 - Dec 2018



Sebastien Letout. Photo Sebastien Letout, RD1

Modelling Metallurgical Production Process

Nov 2015 - Nov 2017



Artur Kadyba. Photo Artur Kadyba, RD3

Waste stream

March 2019 - May 2021



Vincent Canaguier. Photo Vincent Canaguier, RD2

Vincent Canaguier

SiMn process, reactions and kinetics

Aug 2018 - Aug 2020


Heiko Gaertner. PhotoHeiko Gaertner, RD4

PAH Standardization

Jan 2016 - Jan 2018



PhD Metpro

PhD Candidates


Massoud Hassanabadi. PhotoMassoud Hassanabadi, RD3

Ceramic Foam Filters Used in Molten Al Filtration

Oct 2015 - Des 2018



Erlend Lunnan Bjørnstad. PhotoErlend Lunnan Bjørnstad, RD3

Si Refining

Aug 2016 - Aug 2021



Daniel Clos. PhotoDaniel Clos, RD4

Scaling in Al Off-Gas Channels/Heat Exchangers

Sept 16 - May 21



Romain Billy. PhotoRomain Billy, RD5

Material Flow Analysis of Al

Aug17 - Dec 22



Sindre Gylver. PhotoSindre Gylver, RD1

Alumina Dissolution in Cryolite

Aug18 - Jan 23



Cathrine Kyung Won. PhotoCathrine Kyung Won, RD3

Dross Formation in Al Alloys

Aug18 - Nov 22



Pyunghwa Kim. PhotoPyunghwa Kim, RD2

Reduction Mechanisms in the SiMn Process

Sept 2015 - Sept 2018



Sethulaksmy Jayakumari. PhotoSethulaksmy Jayakumari, RD2

SiC Formation in Silicon Processes

Aug 2015 - Oct 2020



Hossein Salehi. PhotoHossein Salehi, RD2

Smelting phenomena of ilmenite

Oct 2018 - May 2021



Håkon Olsen. Photo Håkon Olsen, RD4

Dust Formation and Clustering

Aug 2016 - May 2021



Kamilla Arnesen. Photo Kamilla Arnesen, RD4

Hydrocarbon Emission from the Metallurgical Industry

Aug 2018 - June 2023



Attila Kovacs. PhotoAttila Kovacs, RD2

Mathematical Modelling of Alumina Dissolution

Shared PhD with the University of Oxford

 Jan 2017- Jan 2021


Nicholas Smith. Photo Nicholas Smith, RD3

Effect of Minor Elements on Al Oxidation

Sept 2015 - Sept 2018



Haley Hoover. PhotoHaley Hoover, RD2

Si Production

Aug 2019 - Sept 2023



Associated PhD and Postdoc

Associated PhD and Postdoc


Karin Fjeldstad Jusnes, RD2. PhotoKarin Fjeldstad Jusnes, RD2





Caoimhe Rooney. PhotoCaoimhe Rooney, RD1





Fabian Imanasa Azof. PhotoFabian Imanasa Azof, RD5

Alumina Production




Mertol Gökelma. PhotoMertol Gökelma

Inclusion removal from Al-melts




Hamideh Kaffash. PhotoHamideh Kaffash, RD2





Mads Fromreide. PhotoMads Fromreide, RD1





Raghed Saadieh. PhotoRaghed Saadieh, RD2





Benedicte B. Samsig. PhotoBenedicte B. Samsig, RD2

Charcoal for Manganese Production