Coming Events

Coming Events

August - December 2022 SFI Metal Production Webinar series.

See program for the webinar series Autumn 2022 here.


September 28-29, 2022 Thanos - International Conference on Enhanced use of Thermidynamic Data in Pyrometallurgy Teaching and Research, Johannesburg, South Africa/online. More information on conference website. Co-organized by NTNU.

November 1, 2022 SFI Metal Production Autumn Meeting. Trondheim. More information will follow.

November 2, 2022 Leiv Kolbeinsen symposium. Trondheim. More information will follow.

November 21-22, 2022 Hydrometallurgy in raw materials utilization. Life long learning course organized by HydroMetEC, EIT Raw Materials. More information on the HydroMetEC website.

January 20, 2023 Public Defence of PhD Thesis, Sindre Engzelius Gylver. SFI Metal Production, Trondheim.

February 15, 2023 Use of hydrogen in metal production. A workshop organized by KPN Reduced CO2. Trondheim.

Previous Events

September 5-6, 2022 SFI Principles of Metal Refining and Recycling - seminar. Britannia Hotel/digital seminar. Contact person: Ingrid Gamst page

August 30, 2022 SFI Metal Production Sulfur Seminar. Click here for registration and tentative program. Deadline for registration: August 22nd. Contact person: Place: Thon Hotel Prinsen, Trondheim.

June 21-23, 2022 Recycling metals from industrial waste.  A Short Course and Workshop with Emphasis on Plant Practice. This program focuses on current plant practices to convert metal-containing wastes to products. Organizer: The Colorado School of Mines, Colorado. Contact person at SFI Metal Production: Anne Kvithyld

June 14-16, 2022 Silicon for the Chemical and Solar Industry XVI conference. Trondheim/digital conference. More information and conference program.

June 14-16, 2022 Alumina Summer School. Organizer: SFI Metal Production/Kristian Etienne Einarsrud. See website for information on program and registration.

April 26-27, 2022 SFI Metal Production Spring Meeting  See program here. Place: Scandic Lerkendal Hotel. More information will follow. 

February 27-March 3, 2022 TMS Annual Meeting and Exhibition 2022. California, USA. The TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition invites engineers, scientists, business leaders, and other professionals in the minerals, metals, and materials fields for a cross-disciplinary exchange of technical knowledge. More information and conference program here.

February 17, 2022 Gas Purging Metals seminar.  See program here. To receive calendar invitation with link to this Teams seminar, please contact Anne Kvithyld,

January 14, 2022 PhD defense for SFI Metal Production PhD candidate Håkon Myklebust. More information and link to the online defence.  



August - December 2021 Webinar series. 45-minutes presentations every other week on the topics Silicon, Manganese and AluminiumFull program and contact information.

November 4, 2021 Dross Seminar. Workshop at Gløshaugen, Alfred Getz vei 2. Organizer: Anne Kvithyld, SINTEF. Program available here.

November 4, 2021 Alumina Meeting. Workshop at Gløshaugen, Alfred Getz vei 2. Organizer: Kristian Etienne Einarsrud, SINTEF

November 2-3, 2021 SFI Metal Production Autumn Meeting 2021 Royal Garden Hotel, Trondheim.  See full program here.

September 26-29, 2021 INFACON XVI conference. Programme and more information on the INFACON conference website

August 18, 2021 PhD defense for SFI Metal Production PhD candidate Erlend Lunnan Bjørnstad. More information and link to the online defence. 

June 18, 2021 PhD defense for SFI Metal Production PhD candidate Massoud Hassanabadi. More information and link to the online defence.

May 27, 2021 Webinar on scaling in aluminium industry heat recovery Workshop organized by SFI Metal Production and FME HighEff. Programme available here.

May 26, 2021 PhD defense for SFI Metal Production PhD candidate Daniel Clos. Title of thesis: Formation of Hard Grey Scale (HGS) on the Surface of a Cold-finger in the Aluminium Production Industry. More information and link to the online defence.

April 20-21, 2021 SFI Metal Production Spring Meeting 2021 Digital meeting. Programme available here.  

April 14-15 and 21-22, 2021 HydroMetEC - Life Long Learning Course. A 4-day online course in Hydrometallurgy.  Programme and information on registration.

March 15-19, 2021 TMS Annual Meeting - virtual  Programme and more information on conference website

February 21-25, 2021 The 11th MOLTEN International Conference Meeting on Molten Slags, Fluxes and Salts Programme and more information on conference website. 


December 15-16, 2020 Industrikonferansen i Bodø. Digital conference. Full program and link to inline conference here.

November 4, 2020 Colloquium 2020: Renewable Solutions for Energy Intensive Industry. Online workshop co-organised by SAIMM and PreMa. Registration here.

November 3-4, 2020 SFI Metal Production Autumn Meeting. Webinar. Contact for Teams link. Tentative programme. 

September 24, 2020 SFI Metal production - workshop on continuum and reduced order modelling. 
Trondheim Norway

September 10, 2020 Public (online) defense of doctoral thesis – Sethulakshmy Jayakumari.  Sethulakshmy Jayakumari is defending her thesis as part of her doctoral work at NTNU: “Formation and characterization of β-and α-Silicon Carbide produced during Silicon/Ferrosilicon process” Trondheim/online. Zoom link and more information here.

September 3, 2020 SFI Metal Production Innovation strategy seminar. Trondheim/Webinar.

August 3–7, 2020  Aluminium Summer School - Impact of Aluminium in a Circular Economy. Postponed to 2nd - 6th August 2021 due to the Coronavirus outbreak. See  the Summer School website for more information. 
Trondheim, Norway

July 19-24, 2020 14th World Congress on Computational Mechanics (WCCM XIV) and 8th European Congress on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences and Engineering (ECCOMAS 2020).  Cancelled due to the Coronavirus outbreak. For more information see conference webpage
Paris, France

June 19, 2020 Public (online) defense of doctoral thesis – Karin Fjeldstad Jusnes.  Karin Fjeldstad Jusnes is defending her thesis as part of her doctoral work at NTNU: “Phase transformations and thermal degradation in industrial quartz” Trondheim/online. Zoom link and more information here.

June 15-18, 2020 Silicon for the Chemical and Solar Industry Conference XV. Cancelled due to the Coronavirus outbreak. New date will come. For more information see conference webpage.

June 9-11, 2020 14th International Conference on Computational Fluid Dynamics In the Oil & Gas, Metallurgical and Process Industries. Cancelled due to the Coronavirus outbreak. New date will come.  For more information see conference webpage.  
Trondheim, Norway

June 3-4, 2020 Nasjonal konferanse for materialteknologi. Cancelled due to the Coronavirus outbreak. New date will come. Organizers: Norsk Materialteknisk Selskap, Norsk Metallografisk Forening (NMF) and Norsk Korrosjonsteknisk Forening. Programme and more information on conference website
Trondheim Norway

April 29-30, 2020 ElMet Meeting - Cancelled due to the Coronavirus outbreak. New date will come.

April 29, 2020 SFI Metal Production Spring Meeting - WEBINAR.
For registration please fill in this registration form. Deadline for registration is April 22nd.
Detailed programme for the webinar is available here

April 20-24, 2020 Hydrometallurgy in raw materials utilization  - a five-day comprehensive course (HydroMetEC). Cancelled due to the Coronavirus outbreak. New date will come.
HydroMetEC is a lifelong learning program supported by the EIT Raw Materials academy, coordinated by NTNU. It will educate engineers from industry, scientists at RTOs, as well as undergraduate and postgraduate students about hydrometallurgy.
For more information, see course website

February 23-27, 2020 TMS 2020 Annual Meeting & Exhibition.
San Diego, California, USA

January 13-14, 2020 SFI-RWTH Aachen seminar on the versatile SAF. See full program here.
Trondheim, Gløshaugen


November 25, 2019 Filtration Workshop with Pyrotek. See program here.
Trondheim, Gløshaugen Berg building, B2

November 20, 2019 EIT Raw Material, Innovation Day
All curious researchers, students, startups and business partners are invited to learn more about new opportunities from the European Institute of Technology and Innovation (EIT). Programme and registration. Scandic Lerkendal, Trondheim Norway

November 7, 2019 SFI Metal Production Scientific Commettee Meeting
Gløshaugen, Trondheim Norway

November 6, 2019 SFI Metal Production General Assembly and Executive Committee Meeting
Konferansesenteret Sparebanken 1, Trondheim Norway

November 5-6, 2019 SFI Metal Production Autumn Meeting. See programme here.
Trondheim Norway

October 29-30, 2019 Industrikonferansen i Bodø
Scandic Havet Hotel, Bodø, Norway

October 14-18, 2019 Theories and processes for the production, refining and recycling of silicon

SFI-Metal Production and FME-SUSOLTECH Centers organize a full week event in Trondheim, Norway

 -Course module 1:           MG-Si production process ( 14-15 October)
- Course module 2:           Silicon refining and SoG-Si feedstock production (16-17 October)
- Solar Industry Forum:     Material loss and recycling/PV silicon production and use. (Friday 18 October).

October 7-10, 2019 INTPART CaNAl meeting and 2nd Summer School
Université Laval, Quebec City
In cooperation with REGAL student day

October 3-4, 2019, Mn Alloy Production Fundamentals Course
Trondheim Norway

October 2, 2019, Reduced CO2 day
Trondheim Norway

October 1, 2019, Controlled Tapping day, Trondheim Norway

August 21, 2019, Hamideh Kaffash defended her Doctoral Thesis " Dissolution kinetics of carbon materials in FeMn". Trial lecture: «Production and properties of Mn sinter in the Mn process»  
H1 Main Building NTNU, Gløshaugen.

June 5, 2019 Seminar "Scaling/fouling in the metal industry"
Trondheim Norway

May 15-16, 2019 Dross seminar
Trondheim Norway

April 24-25, 2019 SFI Metal Production Spring Meeting
Trondheim Norway

March 19-20, 2019 Seminar - Diffuse utslipp til luft fra industri
Oslo, Norway

March 10-14, 2019 TMS 2019 Annual Meeting & Exhibition
San Antonio, Texas

March 6, 2019 Midway evaluation, panel visit at SFI Metal Production

January 18, 2019 Nicholas Smith will defend his Doctoral Thesis “Methods of Oxidation Inhibition for Al-Mg Alloys” at EL2, Gamle Elektro, Gløshaugen. Trial lecture at 10:15 and the public defend 13:15.