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– Resource efficient metal production from a clean industry

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Metal Production is an interdisciplinary Centre for Research-based Innovation (SFI). During the next decades, the Norwegian metal industry will need to achieve even higher-quality output with more efficient use of resources and energy.

The main goal of Metal Production is to enable industrial innovation and give the industry long term access to world class fundamental competence and candidates. This will enable the industry to maintain its position at the forefront of sustainable innovation.

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Program for the SFI Metal Production Spring Meeting 2018

12 April, 2018 - April 18th and 19th, the SFI Metal Production Spring Meeting will take place in Trondheim. See the program for more information.




Program for Dross Seminar 17. April

9 April, 2018 - The program for the 2018 Dross seminar is now official. Read it [here].



Business visit to TiZir Titanium & Iron AS

20 March, 2018 - We are two bachelor students from NTNU. We are currently writing our bachelor thesis for SFI Metal Production. As a part of the work we went on a visit to TiZir Titanium & Iron AS (TTI), which is the company we are writing our thesis for.

The 16th International Ferro-Alloys Congress (INFACON XVI) will be in Trondheim.

12 March, 2018 - At the International Ferro-Alloys Congress (INFACON XV), in Cape Town, it was decided that Trondheim and Norwayt is the perfect place for the next INFACON congress.

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