Metal Production

Metal Production

– Resource efficient metal production from a clean industry

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PhD. student pouring coke in the melting lab. Photograph.

Metal Production is an interdisciplinary Centre for Research-based Innovation (SFI). During the next decades, the Norwegian metal industry will need to achieve even higher-quality output with more efficient use of resources and energy.

The main goal of Metal Production is to enable industrial innovation and give the industry long term access to world class fundamental competence and candidates. This will enable the industry to maintain its position at the forefront of sustainable innovation.

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Presentation at Alcoa. PhotoSeminar at Alcoa Mosjøen 

05 December, 2019 - An interesting workshop on innovation research in the aluminum industry was organized at Alcoa, Mosjøen, December 5th. Alcoa is one of the SFI Metal Production industry partners, and a delegation from NTNU and SINTEF visited Alcoa to discuss progress in ongoing research. Visitors from Trondheim (NTNU and SINTEF) were representatives from the SFI management and researchers from the project HighEFF. Read more.

New Postdoctor - Shokouh Haghdani

01 December, 2019 - Shokouh Haghdani started as a Postdoctor at the Centre in December 2019. Shokouh’s preliminary project title is “Influence of structure on slag viscosity”, and Professor Kristian Etienne Einarsrud is her supervisor. The project aims at developing thermodynamic viscosity models for slag systems. Read more here.

Well attended Filtration Workshop with Pyrotek

27 November, 2019 - Monday 25. November 2019 SFI Metal Production centre organised a half-day workshop with focus on filtration. Pyrotek's Director of Technology and responsible for Bonded Particle Cartridge Filter came all the way from US to speak and attend. The topics where in addition to cartridge filters, priming, and recent research and development. The workshop was attended by 5 Hydro representatives, 2 from Aloca and 2 from Pyrotek in addition to the NTNU and SINTEF representatives. 

SFI Scientific Committee Meeting November 7, 2019

07 November, 2019 - The SFI Scientific Committee (SC) members were invited to the SFI Autumn Meeting, and a separate SC meeting was organized the following day. The four committee members are appointed as advisors to the centre, in order to secure that the centre activities hold an excellent scientific standard and that we are closely connected with leading scientific groups in metallurgy around the world. Read more.

SFI Autumn Meeting November 5-6, 2019

06 November, 2019 - The SFI Metal Production autumn meeting was held in Trondheim November 5-6. More than 70 participants from the SFI-partners attended the meeting. Participants from industry and academia enjoied interesting lectures and discussions during the two-day meeting. 8 postdoctors, PhD candidates and masterstudents presented their poster presentations during the meeting. Read more.

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Aud Nina Wærnes, Centre Director

Aud Nina Wærnes

Centre Director


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Annual Report 2018


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