Metal Production

– Resource efficient metal production from a clean industry

Metal Production is an interdisciplinary Centre for Research-based Innovation (SFI). During the next decades, the Norwegian metal industry will need to achieve even higher-quality output with more efficient use of resources and energy.

The main goal of Metal Production is to enable industrial innovation and give the industry long term access to world class fundamental competence and candidates. This will enable the industry to maintain its position at the forefront of sustainable innovation.

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Anne Kvithyld og Arne Nordmark i smeltehallen. 405 Smøreosttuber opp i flammer

Metallet i smøreosttubene våre bør resirkuleres. Hvor viktig er det at tuben er helt tom? Og at vi tar av korken?


Student workshop on alumina dissolution

During the course of 2017, the number of students working on alumina dissolution have increased considerably, allowing for several interesting activities involving experiments, modelling and simulation.

Attila KovácsAttila Kovács - Shared PhD student between Oxford University and TEKNOVA

15 January, 2018 - Attila Kovács is a PhD student at the Mathematical Institute at Oxford University. His work is centred around mathematical problems arising in the modelling of the Hall-Heroult process.


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