Metal Production

– Resource efficient metal production from a clean industry

PhD. student pouring coke in the melting lab. Photograph.

Metal Production is an interdisciplinary Centre for Research-based Innovation (SFI). During the next decades, the Norwegian metal industry will need to achieve even higher-quality output with more efficient use of resources and energy.

The main goal of Metal Production is to enable industrial innovation and give the industry long term access to world class fundamental competence and candidates. This will enable the industry to maintain its position at the forefront of sustainable innovation.

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PhD Dissertation for Hamideh Kaffash

19 August, 2019 - PhD candidate Hamideh Kaffash will defend her Doctoral Thesis “Dissolution kinetics of carbon materials in FeMn”.The dissertation will be held August 21, 2019 at H1, Main Building, NTNU Gløshaugen. Trial lecture “Production of Mn sinter in the  Mn-process” at 10:15 and public defence of the Thesis at 13:15. Welcome!  Read more here.


SFI management visit Karmøy Technology Pilot

18 July, 2019 - During the 24th and 25th of June, the SFI management met with representatives of the aluminium Industry at Hydro Karmøy. Read more here.


The Dross and Packaging Recycling workshop - a success!

14 June, 2019 - The international Dross and Packaging Recycling Workshop was arranged in Trondheim, as a part of SFI Metal Production’s activities, with guests from 14 companies. The goal for the workshop was to review recent problems and developments in dross and aluminium packaging recycling to a better understanding where more research or technical effort is most needed. Read more here.


Workshop on scaling/fouling in the metal industry

7 June, 2019 - On June 5th, a workshop on scaling/fouling in the metal industry was organized. Both the industry and academia contributed with presentations, covering a broad variety of topics. Read more here.


The Jean-Sébastien Thomas Prize 2019 to Halvard Tveit & Leiv Kolbeinsen!

7 June, 2019 - In May 2019, the Scientific and Organization Committees at SAM 13 in Pisa, Italy, awarded The Jean-Sébastien Thomas Prize of 2019 to Halvard Tveit (Elkem) and Leiv Kolbeinsen (NTNU) for the paper entitled “The (love and hate) role of entropy in process metallurgy”. Congratulation to Halvard and Leiv! Read more here.


Visiting researchers from South Africa

7 June, 2019 - Lina Hockaday and Rodney Jones have been visiting Trondheim this Spring as a part of the INTPART project Metal Production. Lina has been here for 1,5 month and Rodney for two week and the exchange has been valuable for all parts. Thank you for the visit and welcome back! Read more here.


To Canada and back again – a short adventure in Chicoutimi

21 May, 2019 - Kristian Etienne Einarsrud visited Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (UQAC) in May as a part of the CaNAl INTPART project between Canada and Norway. This is a network project for International Partnership for Excellent Education, Research and Innovation. Read more here.


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