PhD and PostDoctorial Researchers

PhD and PostDoctorial Researchers

PhD and PostDoc

Post Doctorial

Shokouh Haghdani, RD2

Influence of structure on slag viscosity




Kai Erik Ekstrøm. Photo Kai Erik Ekstrøm, RD3

Recycling and Refining of Metallurgical Waste Streams

Jan 2017 - Des 2018



Sebastien Letout. Photo Sebastien Letout, RD1

Modelling Metallurgical Production Process

Nov 2015 - Nov 2017



Artur Kadyba. Photo Artur Kadyba, RD3

Waste stream




Vincent Canaguier. Photo Vincent Canaguier, RD2

Vincent Canaguier

SiMn process, reactions and kinetics



Heiko Gaertner. PhotoHeiko Gaertner, RD4

PAH Standardization

Jan 2016 - Jan 2018



PhD Metpro

PhD Candidates


Massoud Hassanabadi. PhotoMassoud Hassanabadi, RD3

Ceramic Foam Filters Used in Molten Al Filtration

Oct 2015 - Des 2018



Erlend Lunnan Bjørnstad. PhotoErlend Lunnan Bjørnstad, RD3

Si Refining




Daniel Clos. PhotoDaniel Clos, RD4

Scaling in Al Off-Gas Channels/Heat Exchangers

Sept 16 - Jul 19



Romain Billy. PhotoRomain Billy, RD5

Material Flow Analysis of Al




Sindre Gylver. PhotoSindre Gylver, RD1

Alumina Dissolution in Cryolite




Cathrine Kyung Won. PhotoCathrine Kyung Won, RD3

Dross Formation in Al Alloys




Pyunghwa Kim. PhotoPyunghwa Kim, RD2

Reduction Mechanisms in the SiMn Process

Sept 2015 - Sept 2018



Sethulaksmy Jayakumari. PhotoSethulaksmy Jayakumari, RD2

SiC Formation in Silicon Processes




Hossein Salehi. PhotoHossein Salehi, RD2

Smelting phenomena of ilmenite




Håkon Olsen. Photo Håkon Olsen, RD4

Dust Formation and Clustering




Kamilla Arnesen. Photo Kamilla Arnesen, RD4

Hydrocarbon Emission from the Metallurgical Industry




Attila Kovacs. PhotoAttila Kovacs, RD2

Mathematical Modelling of Alumina Dissolution

Shared PhD



Nicholas Smith. Photo Nicholas Smith, RD3

Effect of Minor Elements on Al Oxidation

Sept 2015 - Sept 2018



Haley Hoover. PhotoHaley Hoover, RD2

Si Production




Associated PhD and Postdoc

Associated PhD and Postdoc


Karin Fjeldstad Jusnes, RD2. PhotoKarin Fjeldstad Jusnes, RD2





Caoimhe Rooney. PhotoCaoimhe Rooney, RD1





Fabian Imanasa Azof. PhotoFabian Imanasa Azof, RD5

Alumina Production




Mertol Gökelma. PhotoMertol Gökelma

Inclusion removal from Al-melts




Hamideh Kaffash. PhotoHamideh Kaffash, RD2





Mads Fromreide. PhotoMads Fromreide, RD1





Raghed Saadieh. PhotoRaghed Saadieh, RD2





Benedicte B. Samsig. PhotoBenedicte B. Samsig, RD2

Charcoal for Manganese Production