Vincent Yves Canaguier



Background and activities

I first came to NTNU as a double degree student in 2012 in thanks to a partnership between my home university and NTNU within the T.I.M.E. network. I wrote my master thesis "Synthesis of ilmenite",  investigating both synthesis of pure stoichiometric ilmenite using a cold crucible induction furnace, and the reduction of this oxide in CO and H2.

I am now employed as a PhD candidate investigating on chromite ores carburization with methane. This work also involves the synthesis of ores with controlled compositions. A key aspect is to understand the fundamental variances between chromium oxide and chromite carburization with methane. This work is part of the CORALSEA project (Chrome Oxide Reduction – an Atomic Level modelling and Spectrographic Experimental Approach ) and is carried out in parallel with an atomistic modelling work from another PhD candidate.

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Scientific, academic and artistic work

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  • Canaguier, Vincent Yves; Kolbeinsen, Leiv. (2014) Synthesis of ilmenite. 2014.