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Research Overview

Dr. Aune’s research interests include Materials Process Science, which covers the study of high temperature reactions towards the processing, refining and recycling of different materials. The research strategy is based on gaining an understanding of the fundamentals of the different processes, as well as the kinetics of the relevant reactions. Focus is on traditional- and medical grade materials, as well as advanced materials like nano-materials, intermetallics, bulk metallic glasses and rare earth elements. Development of new process routes towards the synthesis of these materials, as well as for heat capturing from industrial processes and renewable/environment-friendly energy, is also an essential part of Dr. Aune’s research. 

In the area of metal production and recycling Dr. Aune is focusing on the identification of the different phenomena and mechanisms of interest for refining, retention and recovery of metal values, as well as modelling and verification in order to streamline processes/process steps, or for further development of the same. In order to meet the future product and process requirements of metallurgical industry her intention is to direct the research towards finding appropriate process routes in order to achieve new product features and/or production requirements. Multi-disciplinary approaches and new forms of cooperation are key components in Dr. Aune’s research.

The role of Materials Science in the treatment of cancer has also caught Dr. Aune’s attention, and efforts are made to improve the standards for eliminating side effects caused by deployment from and degradation of medical devices, as well as in identifying important criteria’s for evaluating loss of performance due to material-drug-biological system interactions base on in-vitro simulations, in-vivo results and in-silico modelling.

Through multidisciplinary research projects Dr. Aune has established scientific collaboration with a number of universities, institutes and industries both inside and outside of the Scandinavian countries. She is presently the main supervisor of 7 PhD student working within a divers filed of research all having connection to resource efficient metal production/recycling, new material design, characterisation of material properties, recovery of heat/energy during metal production, environmental impact etc.

Dr. Aune is the author/co-author of  > 160 journal publications with a referee system, reports, books and conference proceedings, and 1 patent (the patented technology is licensed by Pyrotek – EMP Technologies Ltd., UK). 


  • TMT4166 Experimental Materials Chemistry and Electrochemistry
  • TMT4326 Refining and Recycling of Metals
  • TMT4330 Resources, Energy and Environment
  • TMM4852 Experts in Teamwork - Biomaterials and Healthcare 

Present Ph.D. students (main supervisor)

  • Daniel Perez Clos, Scaling in Heat Recovery Systems for Aluminium Production Off-Gas
  • Massoud Hassanabadi, Electromagnetically Enhanced Priming of Surface Modified Porous Media
  • Tianming SunRecovery of Rare Earth Elements from Industrial Waste
  • Maren Kirknes Fossum, Chemotherapy and Blood Induced Degradation of Surface Modified Intravascular Catheters
  • Cathrine Kyung Won Solem, Parametric Study of Molten Aluminium Oxidation in Relation to Dross Formation
  • Are Bergin, Mechanistic Study of the Drain Free CFF Filtration Technology on the Metal Cleanliness of Aluminium and Its Alloys
  • Mohammad IbrahimAtomization of Silicon Based Materials for Additive Manufacturing

Present M.Sc. students (main supervisor)

  • Kari Ravnestad Kjørholt, Development of TiN Thin Film Coatings for Biomedical Applications


  • Dr. Robert Fritzsch, Research area: Melting, filtration, circulation and refining of light metals, experimental design and process engineering, modelling and simulations
  • Hannes Zedel, Research area: Quantitative and qualitative image analyses, metal cleanliness, LiB-recycling, data analysis, modelling
  • Dr. Mahmood Khan, Research area: Metal matrix composites, composite processing, materials characterization, non-destructive testing, mechanical testing 

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