Illustration SecurityNorway is among the most digitalized countries in the world. Our vision is to contribute to making Norway the most securely digitalized country in the world by improving the cybersecurity and resilience of her Critical Sectors, through research-based innovation.

Our primary objective is to enhance the capability of private and public sector stakeholders to respond to the current and future cybersecurity risks by developing, validating, and operationalizing innovative socio-technical solutions.

The following secondary objectives will lead to the achievement of the primary objective above:

  1. To generate new knowledge about interdependencies and dynamics in Critical Sectors; and how Cyber Physical Systems especially in Critical Sectors can be attacked;
  2. To design, develop, and test innovative methods and tools for the detection, prevention, and mitigation of cyberattacks against industrial control systems in Critical Sectors, and to validate these in industrially relevant environments;
  3. To demonstrate and validate the efficiency and effectiveness of interlinked cybersecurity measures for control systems in Critical Sectors for selected industrially relevant environments;
  4. To develop novel methods and tools for the improvement of cybersecurity training and awareness, and means for validation of such methods;
  5. To effectively transfer the knowledge created within NORCICS among its user partners, sectoral and industrial clusters, and relevant stakeholders in Norway.