Dissemination and knowledge transfer

Work Package 5

Dissemination and knowledge transfer

Illustration Dissemination and knowledge transfer

The objective of this work package is to disseminate the knowledge generated within NORCICS to the stakeholders.

A multi-channel dissemination strategy will be followed to reach the main target groups of the research community (in academia and in industry), and the general public. NORCICS will reach the academic research community by publishing its results in top-tier journals and in high-quality conferences approved under the Norwegian System (UHR approved). Research work will, if possible, also be published in the research institutions’ archive system such as NTNU's institutional archive NTNU Open.

In addition, we will make research data and tools developed openly accessible, subject to industrial confidentiality requirements. Each year we will organize a workshop to present and demonstrate our results and enable discussion with the government and industry. Industrial and governmental organizations and project partners will be invited to contribute with presentations and demonstrations. The industrial research community will be reached additionally through participation in industrial conferences; publications in industrial journals; Open-source code repositories, and Wiki. Dissemination to the general public will be carried out through

  • A dedicated website and presence and activity on the most popular online social networks (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook). The website and social media will continuously be updated to reflect project news, events and to serve as a dissemination and communication channel with external communities.
  • The websites of the research partners. We also target Forskning.no (www.forskning.no) and ScienceNordic (www.sciencenordic.com)
  • Promoting and disseminating the results of NORCICS within the research partners’ existing circles;
  • Generation and dissemination of brochures and press releases;
  • Publishing articles in popular science magazines, such as Wired.