Vacant positions

Vacant positions

Do you want to contribute in making Norway the most securely digitalized country in the world?

Vacant positions in or related to SFI NORCICS: 

  • IIK/NORCICS will participate in the newly approved, 4-year COST Action BEiNG-WISE. By means of collaboration at the intersection of cybersecurity, wireless communication technology, data science, sociology, psychology, and law, BEiNG-WISE aims to "better understand human beings in wireless security systems and how to design usable security solutions."

    More information on the action, its objectives, and how to join the project can be found here:


SFI NORCICS gives the opportunity to research, develop, validate, and operationalize innovative cybersecurity socio-technical solutions that will enhance the capability of the private and the public sector to respond to current and future cybersecurity risks.