Ingrid Schjølberg NTNU

Chair of the Board

Erik Alexander Løkken Mnemonic

Sindre Skjønsberg Equinor ASA

Torstein Gimnes Are Norsk Hydro ASA

Arne Roar Nygård Elvia AS

Trond Austad Oslo Politidistrikt

Audun Solås Kongsberggruppen ASA

Dag Eirik Nordgård SINTEF Energi


Substitute members of the board

Nils Kalstad NTNU

Head of Department, IIK 

Siri Bromander Mnemonic AS

Ove Aasen Equinor ASA

Svein Hopland Oslo Politidistrikt

Øystein Lintvedt Kongsberggruppen ASA

Oddbjørn Gjerde SINTEF Energi

PhDs and Post-Docs

PhDs and Post-Docs

Postdoctoral Researchers

James Wright Task 2.2


PhD Candidates

Arnstein Vestad (01.09.21-30.08.24) Task 4.3, Cybersecurity models for remote medical and care services delivery. Funded by NORCICS

Jessica Heluany (18.05.22-17.05.25) Task 2.3, Digital Twin Security Models and Mechanisms. Funded by NORCICS

Julie Langedahl Leirmo (15.03.21-14.03.24) Task 2.4, Human side of secure industry 4.0. Funded by NORCICS

Sahana Sridhar (15.09.21-14.09.24) Task 3.5, Sub-millisecond control layer codes for 5G and beyond. Funded by NORCICS

Touseef Sadeeq (15.09.21-14.09.24) Task 3.4, Humanized Deep Learning & Big Data Analytics. Funded by NORCICS

Alvhild Skjelvik (10.08.21-09.08.24) Cybersecurity models and mechanisms for remote medical and care services. Funded by NTNU CCIS

An Thi Nguyen (16.08.21-16.08.25) Scalable and robust instance search. Funded by Norges Forskningsråd / NTNU

Are Fjermeros (01.02.20-31.01.24) Hvilke mekanismer fremmer kontinuerlig forbedring av arbeidsprosesser i en sykehusenhet? Funded by Sykehuset Innlandet

Arne Roar Nygård (01.01.21-31.12.24) Reverse Engineering for verification of security in digital value chain in a critical infrastructure. Funded by Elvia AS / Norges Forskningsråd

Geir Kristian Lund (01.01.21-31.12.24) Faster Assembly by Learning (FAbL). Funded by Sykehuset Innlandet / Norges Forskningsråd

Håvard Ofte (-) Situation Awareness in Security Operations Centers. Funded by NC-Spectrum / Norges Forskningsråd

Kristian Kannelønning (01.04.21-31.07.25) Lowering Cyber Security entry barriers for Industry 4.0 companies. Funded by Siemens AS / Norges Forsnkningsråd

Mads Skipanes


Scientific Management Group

Scientific Management Group

Sokratis Katsikas NTNU

Centre Director

Leader of work package 6, Project management


Katrin Franke NTNU

Associate Centre Director

Leader of work package 3, Technologies, applicaitons, and services

Leader of focus area 4, Data analytics


Ottar Henriksen NTNU

Leader of work package 1, Research-based innovation roadmap


Stephen Wolthusen NTNU

Leader of work package 2, Foundations


Vasileios Gkioulos NTNU

Leader of work package 5, Dissemination and knowledge transfer


Gerd Kjølle SINTEF Energi

Leader of work package 4, Demonstration environments


Habtamu Abie Norsk Regnesentral

Leader of focus area 1, IT and OT integration


Poul Heegaard NTNU

Leader of focus area 2, 5G


Halvor Holtskog NTNU

Leader of focus area 3, Human and organizational aspects


Hanne Mari Solhaug Djupdal NTNU

Centre Coordinator

External Advisory Board

External Advisory Board

Bente Hoff NSM, Norway

Prof. Bruce Mork Michigan Technological University, USA

Prof. Carmen Mas Machuca Technical University of Munich, Germany

Em. Prof. Davydd Greenwood Cornell University, USA

Prof. Elias Carayannis George Washington University School of Business, USA

Janne Merete Hagen NVE, Norway

Prof. Kai Rannenberg Goethe University, Germany

Prof. Mauro Conti University of Padua, Italy