Background and activities

Professor Tybell has ~15 years of experience in oxide electronics materials science, and is co-directing the oxide electronics group at Department of Electronics and Telecommunications. He is deputy director of Department of Electronics and Telecommunications with responsibility for research.

Tybell has solid experience in administration and scientific leadership via project and work package leadership for external grants, responsibility to direct and develop a cross-disciplinary nanotechnology effort at NTNU, developing a new 5-year curriculum for the MSc study program Electronics at NTNU, and taking part in external scientific evaluation and task force committees.

Research areas:

The main research interest of Prof. Tybell is synthesis and nanostructuring of epitaxial complex oxide thin film heterostructures and superlattices. Present research includes interface engineering of ferroelectric and magnetic systems. Currently he is focusing on how symmetry, defects and structural distortions affect functional interfaces, and properties such as charge transport, ferroelectricity and magnetism. His research is to a large extent collaborative, including recent collaboration with groups in United States, Japan, Sweden, and Norway.


Scientific, academic and artistic work

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