Research-based innovation roadmap

Work Package 1

Research-based innovation roadmap

Illustration Research based innovation

This package is dedicated to innovation management, exploitation, formulation; and maintenance of this roadmap.

We aim to:

  • Ensure that research-based innovation is endowed in all the activities of the SFI center;
  • Systematically identify all results with an exploitation potential, and define for each of them a clear exploitation strategy; and
  • Promote the results to outside stakeholders to enhance their market uptake.​​​​​​​


Within this work package:

  • An effective Innovation Plan will be developed.
  • Innovative technical evolution will be assessed.
  • A deployment plan for potential applications will be developed.
  • An initial analysis of possible business development will be performed.
  • An innovation roadmap for NORCICS, containing an overview of research results with industrial potential, and roadmaps for pushing them forward towards applications will be maintained.

In the roadmap all potential and planned innovations will be tracked, and plans for pushing them forward will be made and executed. NORCICS adopts the Open Innovation Model, thus expecting its user partners to actively participate in shaping a research-based innovation roadmap.


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