Focus Area IT/OT Integration

Focus Area IT/OT Integration

The main initiative within the Focus Area of IT/OT Integration is NESIOT.

Norwegian Ecosystem for Secure IT-OT Integration (NESIOT) brings together multiple stakeholders such as sensor/devices manufacturers, telecom operators, cloud and data analysis solution providers, industrial system operators etc., and to exploit enabling technologies and the secure application of those technologies.

Information technology (IT)-Operational Technology (OT) Integration is one of these focus areas that aims at facilitating different stakeholders to cooperate to ensure end-to-end security for integrating IT-OT in real-time. IT-OT Integration allows maximization, optimization, and customization of relevant tasks, and provides a wide range of functional services for better critical sectors, economy, and society. The modern technological advancements such as AI, IIoT, 5G, Digital Twins, Augmented Reality, Cognitive/Cloud/Edge computing boost the IT-OT integration. 

The main objective of NESIOT is to create synergies and foster emerging solutions for secure IT-OT Integration via cross-sectors collaboration and innovation:

  1. Strengthening collaboration between NORCICS partners and beyond through secure IT&OT Integration
  2. Achieving secure digitalization of industry through IT-OT integration
  3. Closing the IT-OT cybersecurity vulnerability gap
  4. Increasing unified visibility of secure IT-OT integration
  5. Matchmaking for both national and international project spin-offs
  6. Organizing yearly national conference/workshop, involving both Norwegian policy makers, industry and academic, practitioners, and representatives from the research council of Norway
  7. Organizing bi-annually meetings



Habtamu Abie,, +47 47 35 35 70

Sandeep Pirbhulal,, +47 41 39 36 87

Hanne Mari Solhaug Djupdal,, +47 47 86 50 30

Sokratis Katsikas,, +47 91 13 85 81


NESIOT members and contacts

NESIOT members and contacts

  1. NTNU, Sokratis Katsikas and Hanne Mari Solhaug Djupdal

  2. NR, Habtamu Abie and Sandeep Pirbhulal 

  3. SINTEF, Martin Gilje Jaatun and Ravi Borgaonkar

  4. Elvia AS, Arne Roar Nygård

  5. Equinor ASA, Ove Aasen 

  6. Simula, Shaukat Ali 

  7. Norconsult ITSEF, Chris Tesli

  8. Siemens AS, Felix Stussi, Petter Hansen Liljenstroem and Tormod Udnaes Danielsen

  9. IFE, Bjørn Axel Gran

  10. City of Oslo, Agency for Improvement and Development, Elisabeth Johnsen

  11. City of Oslo, Stovner District, Rut Gebretensae

  12. City of Oslo, Agency for Water and Wastewater Services, Harald Rishovd

  13. City of Oslo, Oslobygg, Thomas Kristiansen

  14. City of Oslo, Department of Finance, Ivar Aasgaard and Åsmund Skomedal 

  15. FINSEC, Habtamu Abie

  16. CyberSec4Europe, Sokratis Katsikas and Vasileios Gkioulos 

  17. Nemko System Sikkerhet AS, ITSEF, Geir Langemyr

  18. STOP-IT, Rita Ugarelli and Martin Gilje Jaatun 

  19. CONCORDIA, Boning Feng

  20. Watchcom, Geir Mork

  21. Defendable, Espen Holthe