Winners of NOK 20 000

The winner is ... Purple Rhino

Winners of NOK 20 000

With the mysterious team’s name of Purple Rhino, these three young guys won the hackathon at NorwAI Innovate. Their presentation and demonstration of how to detect pipe leaks by help of visual data convinced the jury to award the three NTNU students the prestigious award.

From left Anders Haarberg Eriksen, Hilmir Straumland and Åsmund Runningen


Students were invited to team up for a day of hacking on AI for industrial use cases. As a key player in industrial digitalization, Cognite presented real-world problems and access to necessary resources. The students are asked to come up with creative uses of AI to tackle these problems and implement a prototype.  

Hackaton challenge explained

Six teams from different NTNU departments attended the hackathon. The prize was handed over by Lead Engineer Manager at Cognite, Tollef Fog Heen. 

In a webinar afterparty a week after the Hackaton, the Purple Rhinos presented their solution for an online audience. They had used a mathematical model to detect the leaks from pictures of a pipe taken by a controlling robot passing on wheels. By standard deviation, the leaking point was identified and action to be launched.

- Impressive, was Cognite’s comment to the three purple rhinos.



Published: 2021-11-05