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  • Two little girls in white dresses, Norwegian flags

    In 1912 Norway was as an independent kingdom but still a young nation, this was something the children's parents were proud of and wanted to present their political viewpoints.





  • Ladies in beautiful hats and dresses

    Women's hats can tell a story in itself, huge, decorated with ribbons and feathers, and some part looks more like well stocked fruit bowls! This cheerful gang visited a photographer in 1908.

  • Spring in Trondheim, 1940's: ladies in elegant spring outfits

    Dronningens gate in the 1940s. The ladies celebrates spring, high waisted costume with hat and high heels.

  • Employees at a barber shop in Trondheim, 1919

    The year 1919 inside the barbershop. Shaving happens in the nearest room, and haircut in the underlying. The men got warm towels over their face, plenty of shaving foam and a shaving with razor-sharp knives.

  • Air photo of Dragvoll Farm, summer of 1952

    Aerial of Dragvoll farm photographed summer 1952 where we today find the university center at Dragvoll. King Olav V laid the foundation stone in 1976 and the first construction phase was completed in 1979.

  • Seventh grade school class of girls from Bispehaugen School, 1930's.

    7th grade girls from Bispehaugen school in the 1930s. They wore berets and bell-shaped hats are in place like the city's older ladies also used.

  • "Mrs Inger" and other ships at the quai near the railway station, 1959.

    “Fru Inger " and other Fosen ships docked in the Inner channel below the train station. From here and out to the peninsula Fosen and other islands they transported many passengers during the years. The boats were replaced by new fast ferries in 1973 .

  • Seven siblings - girls and boys - at the photographer, 1911.

    The entire children flock in their finest clothes photographed in 1911. The youngest boy needed a little help by his father to stay on his feet (The father was supposed to be retouched away).

  • Students making backddrop for the student show "Mammon-Ra" in 1931.

    Here the final touches is put on the scenes of the revue, Mammon Ra in 1931. This was the first revue which was also played in Oslo. The performance at the Chat Noir was a great success. It became tradition of Oslo tours until 1975.

  • Male students and good atmosphere in the wardrobe area at Studentersamfundet, 1930's

    The atmosphere in the dressing room in the Student Union house was impeccable in the 1930s.

  • Interior and employees in a shop selling products of glass and china, lamps and mirrors, 1902

    Workplaces where our ancestors earned their income, is well documented. This is Siem's Glass Ware Magazine from 1902. As many as 19 people were employed  in the store that sold glassware, stoneware, lamp accessories and mirrors.

  • Promoting modern, electric stoves in Trondheim, 1960.

    The new time made their entry. This is from a demonstration of electrical products in 1960. By now it became common with refrigerators, electric cookers and washing machines. The products created great interest, not least among men!

  • Fire at Lilletorget in Trondheim, 1959, crowd watching the fire.

    A fire broke out on Lilletorget summer 1959, and the photographer has captured the drama in this picture.

  • Roofs of old, wornout houses behind Hotel Phoenix, 1930's -1950's.

    Images can also document social history. In the architect student surveys at NTH from 1936-1954, led by Professor Sverre Pedersen, are there many pictures and descriptions of houses, flats and backyards from areas where it normally never would have found images.

  • A sink with saucepans and other kitchen equipment at a small dorm,  Vollabakken, Trondheim, 1949

    A kitchen can be so many things! Here, a room from a student apartment in Vollabakken in 1949.

  • Woman washing clothes in the backyard, Trondheim, early 1950's

    An example on a woman's work early in the 1950s. Many households had water only in the backyard, and washing machines were not yet common in Trondheim.

  • Three little girls in their finest dresses, 1917

    If genealogy, then it is fun to find grandmother who looks like this! Edel, Elizabeth and Dagmar visited the photographer in 1917. A little sceptical, but very nice with dresses, mama shutter and shoes.

  • People at the squares in Trondheim, 1893.

    Trondheim square in 1893. The lamp in the picture is used as a model for and new cast (see next picture) by Kurt Sandaunet.

  • Reconstructed gas light at the Museum of Sverresborg, Trondheim

    A new gas light model is set up on Sverresborg Troendelag Folk Museum and at the corner of Upper Bakklandet and Lillegårdsbakken.

  • Scene situation at the theater show "Vendepunkt", Trøndelag Theater

    A scene from the theaterplay "Vendepunkt". Costume designer Jenny Hilmo Teig tailored the coat for the actor inspired by a picture of Fredrikke Marie Qvam in the portrait collection.

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Three little girls

A Glimpse Into the NTNU Photo Collection

NTNU University Library has collected images in over a hundred years, and the collection has now grown to about a million photographs and negatives. There are also exciting historical material, and image collection is a rich source of both human history, local history and the history of photography.

The collection covers the period from the 1850s to date, the majority are from the 1880s to the 1930s.

This online exhibition seeks to provide a glimpse into the university library's rich collection and is an excerpt from a larger physical exhibition. The exhibition wants to show how images can function as precise documentation historically, legally and culturally.


The exhibition is based on lectures by retired librarian Inger Johanne Glasø-Røkke, and arranged for web by Evelyn Thor og Inger Langø.